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Hobbs 7/18/2011 8:56:07 AM

I love how everyone thinks TDK did well because of an actor no one had really heard of died.  Has nothing to do with the fact it was a movie about one of the most well known heros out there and one of the most well known villians in the Joker.  My grandfather had no idea who the heck Heath was, he wanted to see it becaues it was the Joker and Batman, nuff said.

Otherwise Ledgers very last movie that he died while filming with Terry Gilliam would have made a billion dollars as well.  Or what about Aaliyah dying in plane crash.  Her vampire movie didn't go on to make any more than people thought it was going to make.

I don't think TDK rises will make the same kind of money but that's because it doesn't have the joker.  People underestimate how much people love the Joker as the bad guy.

monkeyfoot 7/18/2011 8:58:31 AM

And I also disagree that TDK was a hit solely from Ledger's death. That kind of incident can cause a big spike in attendance for the opening just so people can see the aura of mystery about his death. But this movie sustained a number 1 status for weeks afterwards. It wouldn't have become the 2nd highest grossing film in history just because people were intrigued about how the actor died. Ledger's performance itself led to alot of B.O. but a sensational death couldn't make it reach the heights it did. It was a genius piece of filmmaking IMHO and it hit at the right time for people wanting to see this sort of thing.

Kadet2002 7/18/2011 8:58:59 AM


How often are reviewers right? When it comes to reviewing a movie you either like it or not. I know you and I will be blown away. However, I always hope for an 85% fresh tomato rating.

I saw the teaser for TDNR at HP and to be honest Wise, I think this one will blow away your expectations and will give you the comic feel that you are looking for. It shows batman coming back to fight after being pretty much exiled after TDK. The last quick scene of the teaser shows him going toe to toe with Bane and it looks sick. But I understand where you are coming from. I liked TDK, but also felt it was too much of a crime movie. 

TheMovieGuy28 7/18/2011 10:37:19 AM

I'm throwin my 2 cents out there.

I say Harry Potter finishes US around 325-350. As everyone said, it's front loaded here bigtime, a 90 million dollar day, but that's because it had the midnight screenings. I mean, the glittler boys had a 72 mil. day, and that had midnight showings.

I'd say this film has a 60-70 percent drop easy.

US Captain fans have waited long enough, and we're gonna be out there shield throwing against the little boy who could, erm, I mean the boy who lived.

Besides, like Hanso said, in whom all hailing which must us do, everyone went to see TDKR trailer.


Sorry, Wise ;)

swisshammer 7/18/2011 11:10:52 AM

I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but the main reasons I went to see TDK was I first and foremost love Batman and I heard that Ledger had a great performance as the Joker. Plus, my interest was already whetted from an AWESOME Batman Begins. And let's be honest, it was a great film.

I'm one of the people who donated part of the $168 mil this weekend for Potter, and I'm glad I did. It was highly entertaining–a lot bloodier than I thought it would be. I'll be donating money to own it when it comes out as well.

ElBaz13 7/18/2011 11:21:04 AM

I'm with Wise on this one. I want to see a comicbook film, not a crime film with people dressed up in costumes.

Looking forward to this Nolan era Batman to be over. I can't stand the Batman voice by Bale.

Avengers will rock next year. Don't count out Spidey either. He is still a top drop and up there in popularity with Bats. Strong word of mouth and positive reviews can truly jumpstart this franchise again. Plus if one of the actors in the movie die over the course of the year, I'm sure it will make more money than predicted. :)

SarcasticCaveman 7/18/2011 12:53:11 PM

 I'm a big Harry Potter fan, glad the movie succeeded, but after paying $15.50 for an IMAX ticket during the day, plus another $1 charge for buying my ticket online (I thought most places gave you a DISCOUNT for getting tickets online and staying out of their hair!), I really have to wonder how much IMAX and 3D plays into ticket sales.  To be fair, I've thought this about movies I can't stand also, such as Avatar.  I'm just going to start going to the only second run theater still open near me for $3.  Screw all of that noise.

makabriel 7/18/2011 12:53:20 PM

Harry Potter has more than a Decade's worth of filmDVD and Book audience.  No other movie, has that audience built in.  There were a LOT of people looking forward to this.

Cap will not beat down HP.  Not on the first week, It will do as good as, if not a bit better, than Thor.  It doesn't have the built in audience that HP has,.

TDKR will meet if not exceed the last.  When its time comes, the media blitz will ramp up.  More info will come out, more photos, more trailers.  And, I'm sorry, but Batman is a crime drama with people in costumes.  He's not a super hero.  Hs first appearance was in Detective Comics after all..

But Nolan just makes damn good moves, after all.  After Inception, people will be clamouring to see what he'll do with Batman.  It'll break nexxt years records, I'm sure..




keithdaniel 7/18/2011 12:55:02 PM

Kara...regarding your comment about TDKR's trailer not being that good...bite your tongue sister!  LOL!  Anyway, IMO your only partially right about TDK doing well because of Ledger's death.  As Hobbs has pointed out, if that were one of the biggest reasons then Ledger's last film with Terry Gilliam would've been a big hit!  Yes, no doubt Ledger's death contributed but it was the buzz from his outstanding performance before he died as well as the unique character of the Joker that people were facinated with is among the biggest reasons why TDK did so well and also why it's one of the greatest superhero ficks ever I might add!  TDKR BITCHES!!!   

SarcasticCaveman 7/18/2011 1:03:03 PM

 I don't understand some people here...you don't want a crime movie, you want a comic book movie...shall we call Joel Schumacher and bring back bat nipples, glow in the dark gangs, and hockey teams from hell?  I'm sorry, but I think it's awesome how they bring a concept like a rich boy dressing up like a bat and fighting crime into the realm of (somewhat) believability.  And even then, if you think everything that has happened in those movies is entirely too realistic, then you're just a tool and nothing to be done for you.  Just because Gotham isn't stuck in the 1940's doesn't mean they're not comic book movies.

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