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Hasselhoff promises KNIGHT RIDER return

Actor to shepherd new generation

By Christopher Allan Smith     June 19, 2001
Source: Entertainment Weekly

David Hasselhoff in tough guy mode
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In a quick news bit in this week's Entertainment Weekly, the once and future Michael Knight, a.k.a. actor/producer David Hasselhoff, promised a new version of his 1980s action show KNIGHT RIDER would be hitting the air in the future.

"We're taking it way into the future with my character... coming out of retirement and hiring a couple of young kids. I'll be the older, cool boss who oversees this incredibly updated car."

Does that mean the KITT we all knew and loved is no more? Yes and no. Hasselhoff has already talked to William Daniels, the voice of KITT, to provide his smooth pipes for the new ride. Daniels is now the President of the Screen Actors Guild.

"So the president gave me his word. It's going to happen," Hasselhoff promised. No word on when the new KNIGHT RIDER will hit the air.


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