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Hayate the Combat Butler Season 2 Episode #20

Maid to wait longer

By G.B. Smith     August 14, 2009
Release Date: August 14, 2009

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Our little priestess gets her maid on.

What They Say
Episode 20 - I Couldn't Do the Maid Turn
We don’t know where Lin Regiostar resides who is the ghost of the Catholic priest. Since his first appearance, nothing has really happened with him. It's finally time for him to rest in peace. However, the reason he wants to rest in peace is to remain in this world to clear up his strong regret. That regret is not making out with a maid. Is he drawing closer to the hand of the devil? Can Hayate protect Maria? Isumi is dressed as a maid and Maria, Saki are already maids. When the third maid appears, all sorts of conversations begin.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Today it's all about the maids. And apparently it's all about the flare of the skirt. Father Radiostar, the spirit of the dead priest who built the dungeon back near the beginning of the season, has come to Hayate claiming that he wishes to cross over to the Other Side. But first, he needs to break the one bond that still binds him to this earth: his deeply held wish to fool around with a maid.

Yes, you read that right.

So this perverted man of the cloth wants to fool around with a maid. One problem: he's a disembodied spirit that only Hayate, or someone imbued with spiritual powers, can see. Thus, trying to fool around with Maria is out of the question. Faced with this annoying problem, Hayate decides to speak to the one person he knows who could probably deal with this issue: the spiritually powerful Isumi Saginomiya. Isumi suggests that Hayate allow himself to be possessed by Radiostar's spirit, who can then use Hayate's body to fool around with a maid. When Hayate objects to this, Isumi then takes it upon herself to dress as a maid, as it is her family's duty to help spirits cross to the other side. While very spiritually powerful, Isumi is clearly not as well-endowed in the common sense area.

So, the remainder of the episode is largely an excuse to see Isumi in a maid outfit, as she tries to help Father Radiostar sever his final earthly bonds. In need of professional advice, Sakuya recommends her own family's personal maid, who also happens to work in one of the Aizawa family's maid cafes: one Haru. Haru, it turns out, is a perfect maid, and under her tutelage, Isumi does take in some of what it is to be a maid. I guess.

Haru herself, has her own secret to hide, which will be revealed at the end of the episode (though those familiar with the first season of the show are probably already aware of who she is).

While Isumi does all that can be expected, in the end, it appears there is less, and more, to Radiostar's request than there appeared to be, and as usual, we end with Hayate in tears. You can see for yourself how we get there.

In Summary:
Again moving away from the more heavily "plot" centered (such as there are) parts to the show, this side story is basically just an excuse to show a lot of maidservice, and a good amount of maid cosplay fanservice of Isumi, whose essential cuteness comes across very strongly in this episode. It's funny, it's cute, and it's a decent way to pass 24 minutes or so. If you're looking for a continuation of the larger storyline that dominated much of this season so far, you'll have to wait longer as we seem to be in a stretch of side stories and one-off episodes that are cute and funny but, in the end, largely disposable.


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