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Hayate Season 1 Arrives On Crunchyroll

By Chris Beveridge     August 25, 2010

Hayate the Combat Butler
© Bandai Entertainment

Crunchyroll, Inc., announced today the internet streaming debut of the slice of life comedy Hayate the Combat Butler.

Release of all 52 episodes of the first season comes after the previous simulcast release of the widely popular second season on Crunchyroll last year, and as the first six volumes of the Hayate: the Combat Butler DVD are now available in stores and online from Bandai Entertainment. More information can be found at http://www.crunchyroll.com/hayate.

Crunchyroll Brand Manager Michelle Hwang states, ³We are excited to be a part of the marketing campaign for the Hayate: the Combat Butler home video, and to be able to utilize the masterfully crafted translation by Bandai Entertainment which really captures the comedy spirit of the show. We hope that by presenting streams of the show to our anime fans, whether they are fans of the second season or new to Hayate: the Combat Butler, that we can encourage them to look at consuming the show in other media like DVDs and support the original anime creators, fostering the development of new titles for years to come.²

Hayate the Combat Butler will be available in the United States and Canada.


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Supermutant2099 8/26/2010 1:22:36 PM

Cool.  I saw first 7 on dvd and really liked it a lot more then I thought but have had a hard time finding volume 2.  So glad I can watch these now online legally till I find it.

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