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'Hedge''s Willis Knows Animals

By Rob M. Worley     May 08, 2006
Source: www.scifi.com

Bruce Willis, who voices the nefarious raccoon R.J. in the upcoming animated movie Over the Hedge, said he has a particular insight into animal psychology, having lived in rural Idaho, where he raises his three daughters to commune with nature. "Yeah, I lived in Idaho for a long time, for 12 years, and I had every animal problem you could think of," Willis said in an interview. He recalled that one of his dogs bit into a porcupine once, and the dog "got all those quills in her mouth and had to get them pulled out. The animal hospitals in Sun Valley rival Cedars Sinai, because everybody has dogs, and everybody loves their dogs, and animals get in dog fights. ... I had a couple dogs that were capable of killing deer, so you'd see them kill a deer. They were big, Akitas. But in the country, animals, and cats also, revert to their wild instincts. And, yeah, I'd be out, and they'd drag some animal home." More...


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