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'Hellboy' A.R.E. unlocks hidden treasures

By Rob M. Worley     May 14, 2008

While there's been plenty of buzz around the 'Dark Knight' viral sites and Alternate Reality Experience, we've been lax in our reporting of the far-more-subtle and challenging A.R.E. promoting 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army'.

So far, what we've known is that there is a site called Hetfet.org, which has been revealed to be a sort of front for a Humane Society geared towards protecting Fairies and Trolls. It is also the launch point for various components of the A.R.E., including The Secret Device.

Last month we told you the combination for the Device, which is 7-11-8 (the film's opening date). Entering that code lead fans to another A.R.E. site LexiLloyd.com. That site is a bit of a "Lonelygirl13" riff which yields additional secrets for the A.R.E.

What we didn't realize is that the Secret Device continues to yield surprises for those patient enough to follow the leads and parse through the clues of the A.R.E. Lexi's blog reveals a second combination that can be entered into the Device, which reveals yet another A.R.E. site.

So far fans have unlocked five levels of the device by following the clues. Increasingly, unlocking levels of the Device yields new rewards, like movie design videos and the first three pages of a Dark Horse / Guillermo del Toro comic entitled:   'B.P.R.D. Field Guide: Troll Market'.

We've learned that the comic runs ten pages in all and there are still five more levels to the Secret Device. Which brings us to this press release we received today:

The stakes get raised in the 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' Alternate Reality Experience also known as THESECRETDEVICE.com! Please accept this teaser in the form of a poem.  This poem continues an already month long dialogue with its players while hinting to a new grand prize that has not been announced yet.  In the next few days, Universal Pictures will formally announce this prize, as THESECRETDEVICE.com continues to expand and enlist more and more players.

Note: Click the poem thumbnail to expand it to readable size.

THESECRETDEVICE.com continues to enjoy the public support of Guillermo del Toro, as well as an ever growing and very active player community.  The experience was designed to allow people to delve into the world of Hellboy II: The Golden Army prior to the film's release, in a way that would complement the film's story and aesthetic.  It was created as a way to entertain Hellboy fans online and has also proven to attract a whole new audience that is now aware of the Hellboy franchise and excited for the upcoming film, set to release on July 11th.

Thanks to HETFET.org, another significant tendril of this alternate universe, players can actually sign a real petition that urges our government to Stops Old Growth Logging - seamlessly tying in to the overarching story as way to help save the "mystical creatures" of our planet.  Several players have also received unique gifts for their loyalty to the HETFET.org cause.

This entire experience blends reality and fantasy, entertaining fans in a whole new way.

So what is this new grand prize? We don't know! But if you're unlocking the Secret Device be sure to share your tips and tricks with readers in the comment space below. Happy hunting!

(Note: Hunting fairies and trolls is wrong and not endorsed by the editorial staff of Comics2Film)


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