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It Helps To Be Crazy

7/13/2008 6:11:46 PM permalink

In high school, the Valley Girl wannabes had this bizarre thing where they'd say "Crazy? I was crazy once..." and then they'd go off into their little story which would end something like "...and after that I wasn't crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once..." and it'd start all over.

That's a good impression of how I feel at time.

You write X project, you write the letters, you send out the letters, you send out more letters cause those didn't come back for X reason, you start a new project, you write the letters.....etc.

Then comes the brief moments when the crazy stuff ends and the real waiting begins.

It has now been, approximately, 6 weeks since I sent out the first chapter of "Life and Times of Igor." And, much like other things other people trying to get a foot in the door, the silence is enough to make you crazy.

But I trust these people. They go to some of the comic conventions, only one I've heard of. I guess they make contacts there.

Plus I have a friend of mine itching to drag me to something called DragonCon which is supposed to take place on or about Labor Day. Georgia is where it's at, I think.

I've never been to one. To any conventions at all. In the nearest city, in the entertainment center, there have been Star Trek conventions. I remember cause I looked at those advertisements with uncertain confusion. John de Lancie was there signing autographs. I could've met Q, but for some reason it didn't really mean much to me.

So I'm crazy.

Another proof I'm crazy is I'm snatching up books on faery lore and Celtic mysticism to serve as a basis for a new project I won't officially start writing until the six part Interesting Times is finished.

The new project is, for now, titled "CrossWorlds."

I have no setting yet, have no characters yet, don't have an official plot yet (I did just start reading my books the other day, after all).

I do have one mental sketch of a huge forest in which either spirits or faery are flying through the treetops, and this forest is a living library in a sense. Celtic mysticism says the earth remembers everything that was ever done to it, and it holds that memory in the trees, lands, waters, stones....etc.

Maybe one day I'll actually finish my other projects: "Unbitten," "Interesting Times," "American Prophet," "Storm Warning," and so on.

I even had one untitled project that, although is a great horror concept, may actually too dark in nature for me. I may hand that one off to someone else. Or just make the pitch.

As always, there's too much to do and seemingly not enough time to do it in.

Go ahead, call me crazy.

Crazy? I was crazy once...

PS - If anyone in the Hollywood labor unions are listening, could you please reach an amicable decision soon? De-facto strikes are a pain in the ass, and the producers are acting like babies by declaring a de-facto strike straight up.


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