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He-Man has the power again

Mattel and award-winning design team the Four Horsemen re-introduce He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to a new generation of fans

By Eric Moro     July 26, 2001

He-Man before and after his 2002 MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE relaunch
© 2001 Mattel, Inc.

Nearly 20 years after the heroic He-Man was first introduced to the youth of America, Mattel, Inc. is bringing back an updated version of the warrior from Eternia, along with several other Masters of the Universe, for a new generation of fans.

Premiering at the Comic-Con International: San Diego, Mattel's line of newly re-designed toys will be on shelves across the country in February 2002. Included in the product line's first wave are He-Man (a.k.a. Prince Adam), Stratos (winged warrior), Man-At-Arms (armament specialist), Skeletor (skull-faced villain), Beast Man (evil henchmen) and Mer-Man (evil ocean warlord). In addition to the heroic warriors and evil enemy action figures, the company also has plans to bring back a collection of accessories, such as land, air and battle vehicles. Approximate retail prices for the action figures and accessories will range from $7.99 to $24.99.

"What we did for the redesign was hire the Four Horsemen," says Geoff Walker, Director of Marketing for the Masters of the Universe line. "They are the top four sculptors in the industry who also happened to grow up with He-Man. They were very excited. We did a lot of work in what the new look was going to be, so we've added a different muscle tonality to him he's not the big round muscles of old. He's a little more elongated more of an anime styling to it."


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