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HE-MAN Still Alive for Warner Bros?

It seems the project may not be dead after all.

By Jarrod Sarafin     November 20, 2008
Source: Latino Review

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It seems that the planned remake of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe may not be dead after all. A month after it was reported the project fell back to development hell, El Mayimbe from Latino Review speculates that John Stevenson (Kung-Fu Panda)  is in talks to direct the feature film for Warner Bros. 

The project was reported dead a month ago after two producers from Joel Silver's production company left the shingle for other industry jobs and also after numerous directors likewise passed on helming the film after hearing specific demands from the studio. If this latest bit from the rumor vine is true, Warner Bros. may have found a willing director on bringing Justin Marks' script to the big screen.


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Whiskeymovie 11/20/2008 5:54:14 AM

I have the power!!!  I would not mind seeing another He-Man movie......I mean, I loved the one from the 80's when I was a kid, but I think they could do an awesome job today. I would love to see a darker take on this, like they had mentioned a few weeks ago. Go for like a 13th Warrior kind of feel, with maybe less blood.

captm0rgan77 11/20/2008 8:00:06 AM

That's hard.  I mean Warner is behind this and they already f#@cked Terminator by demanding a PG-13 rating to appeal to the kiddies.  So they'll probably do the same here.  Though you could definilty still go darker with this.  I'm with you whiskeymovie on the whole 13th Warrior feel for this.  Mixed in with some fantasy and BAM! you'd have a good start.  I just hope they don't go all cheap with the costumes and VFX.  That kills it for me when I see that shit.

fft5305 11/20/2008 8:53:04 AM

Didn't McG already de-bunk the whole PG-13 debacle? I thought he came out and stated that the studio has no such demands and he has no plans to water down the material.  Or was I just dreaming about that?

violator14 11/20/2008 9:07:21 AM

The ROCK as He-Man??? 

beowolf 11/20/2008 10:27:19 AM

Somebody, anybody....PLEASE listen to me!!!! This can be a good movie if it is based off the orginal mini-comics which were included with the toys. The books were written and drawn by some future greats in the industry and gave a more adventurous look to the He-Man mythos:

"In the illustrated books released with the first series of toys, He-Man is a barbarian from an Eternian tribe. The planet's inhabitants are dealing with the aftermath of the Great Wars, which devastated the civilizations that once ruled supreme over all lesser beings. The Wars left behind advanced machinery and weaponry known only to select people. An early incarnation of the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull gives He-Man some of these weapons, and he sets out to defend the secrets of Castle Grayskull from the evil villain Skeletor."



hanso 11/20/2008 12:46:31 PM

He-Man should be done Beowulf style.

Pendragon0 11/20/2008 2:04:35 PM

That's a damn good idea, Hanso.  Regarding the original movie, looking back, it WAS pretty cheesey, except for Frank Langella portrayal of Skeletor.  He freeking knocked that thing outta the park!

jfdavis 11/20/2008 2:22:40 PM

Beowulf-style or even a traditional animated movie would work for me...

almostunbiased 11/20/2008 5:17:42 PM

If this ilooks nothing like the cartoon that would be a good thing.

vlomski 11/20/2008 8:06:38 PM

WHAT? No body is demanding Jonny Depp as He-Man? Im stunned!

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