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Hercules in 2014

A Brett Ratner film

By Robert T. Trate     January 17, 2013
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Admit it, we had you until you saw the name Brett Ratner in the byline. The Hollywood Reporter has released the news that Brett Ratner’s Hercules: The Thracian Wars will arrive August 8, 2014. Hercules will be played by none other that Dwayne Johnson. The film will be released by Paramount and MGM. 

“The screenplay was adapted by Ryan Condal, with revisions by Evan Spiliotopoulos. Producers are Beau Flynn, Barry Levine and Ratner; executive producers are Peter Berg, Sarah Aubrey and Jesse Berger.” - The Hollywood Reporter



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chapel1888 1/17/2013 8:27:36 AM

OK, I'll be the first to say it....Ratner, Johnson Hercules = FAIL

millean 1/17/2013 8:37:03 AM

Hercules!  Cool!

Dwayne Johnson!  Cool!

Brett Ratner... maybe I'll skip this after all...

Wiseguy 1/17/2013 8:43:40 AM

I'm cautiously optimistic. I mean it's Hercules so it can definitely be very cool but Lou Ferrigno reminds us that it can also be shit.....well to be fair so does Arnold but his at least made me laugh for having his voice dubbed

Another strike against it may be that Guardians of the Galaxy will still be dominating the box office....bet on it 

keithdaniel 1/17/2013 8:54:13 AM

The biggest issue I have with this aside from Ratner (although I don't think he's as bad as many say because I think the projects he's done weren't always the best he could've had) is that they're going to take the fantasy element out of this Hercules movie.  Mind you, I don't think that that in and of itself will doom this but I think it will take away an element that would've added big time to this.  I wish them well but I too am only cautiously optimistic.

spiderhero 1/17/2013 9:48:12 AM



ElBaz13 1/17/2013 10:22:41 AM


I always wanted to see a big budget treatment of Hercules that involved his whole mythology. Not a watered down realistic version. That's why Troy sucked. Taking away the fantasy elements of Hercules is like making a realistic Batman film....oh wait....

millean 1/17/2013 10:30:34 AM

A lot of the Greek mythology could be really really cool if done well.

Honestly, if I think about it, I do kind of like Brett Ratner's work.  He does appear to be a major jerk, but that really doesn't mean much about his movies.  Kind of how I like a lot of Michael Bay's movies as long as he doesn't screw with pre-existing material (Transformers, TMNT, etc...)

Higgy 1/17/2013 10:34:08 AM

This should be Marvel's Hercules...and it should NOT be directed by Ratner.  But I can see Dwayne as Herc.

hanso 1/17/2013 11:04:28 AM

They should do God of War instead, with The Rock playing Kratos.

FerretJohn 1/17/2013 11:13:33 AM

I don't know, it's hard for me to envision a bald black/samoan Hercules.  I don't see this working out.  Personally, if they do make a new Hercules movie, I'd like to see them remake Arnolds classic Hercules in New York.  Not a full remake of course, just the basic premise: the Olympian demi-god and hero getting bored out of his skull with the serenity of Olympus and visiting modern-day Earth getting into various adventures.  Possibly make it a Marvel project.

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