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TheRiffs 11/18/2010 3:32:50 PM

As huge Green Lantern fan i have been waiting for this movie since the first spiderman came out. I have to say though its dissapointing reading only about how ryan reynolds shouldnt act the way he does. First of all what i have seen from his attitude is right on spot, Hal Jordan is a cocky bastard and remains that way until much later in when he begins to have problems with the Guardians. Nobody seems to be focusing on how crazy O.A looks and how brilliantly they made Tomar re and Sinestro, it looks incredible. As a huge Green Lantern fan i am very excited for this movie and not dissapointed by what i have seen.


However Blake Lively is really really bad... at acting

professorchaos709 11/18/2010 3:39:36 PM

So, is it too late to get Bradley Cooper on this one?

Sheesh, I really had my hopes up on this one and while some things look incredible, like Mark Strong as Sinestro and the Light itself, everything else looks like a power rangers movie. Also, I could have sworn I read something where Ryan Reynolds talked about knowing that he couldn't do his usual schtick as Hal Jordan and yet, there he is loud and erratic as always. I know it's not a bad trailer and the film could still turn out great but I know from my perspective I didn't get the Holy Hell I think my spine is actually vibrating feeling I get from some trailers, like The Dark Knight trailers had or the Iron Man trailers. This just seemed a little phoned in.

Flyincloud 11/18/2010 5:30:38 PM

The problem with Green Lantern is that Ryan Reynolds is not Green Lantern or at least Hal Jordan Green Lantern.  May be he could be Kyle Reiner, because Hal Jordan is a very serious person in the comics and he some kidder or jokester.  The movie will suck on cast alone.

ponyboy76 11/19/2010 5:00:13 AM

Well, I don't know. It sounds as if most of you complaining about Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Hal Jordan have either just starting reading Green Lantern in the last 5 years or have this skewered image of how he should act.  As stated already, its only in the last say 10 years if that, that Hal has become this serious brooding almost Batman type character. In the beginning which is where this movie is being based, he was a lot of fun.

thatguy1 11/19/2010 3:04:13 PM

I can't speak for everyone, but for me it's not that I mind that Jordan is portrayed as fun, cocky and humourous.  It's that Ryan Reynolds doesn't do any of that well.  I know he has fans who think he's hilarious, but I think he's about half a step below the class clown in terms of comedic ability. 

Robert Downey Jr. pulls off an arrogant narcissist because he's a terrifically talented actor who is able to make arrogant and narcissistic funny.  Ryan just comes off as an arrogant narcissist trying to be funny.  Robert Downey Jr. he ain't.

Just my opinion, obviously.

thatguy1 11/19/2010 3:08:11 PM

If I'm wrong about Reynolds' performance, I'll happily eat that crow.  I am a long time GL (man, how I wish they'd done Alan Scott!!) fan and I will be THRILLED if the movie isn't totally defaced by Reynolds mugging for laughs.  It looks like it will be pretty sweet visually and from what I've heard of the story I'll be happy with it as well.  Reynolds is the balance point.  Either his performance will take the movie to great heights or sink it completely.

I'm hoping for a serving of crow when it hits theaters.

yabbado 11/19/2010 11:02:30 PM

I'm feeling the same way about the Green Lantern. I thought it would be darker, but this is just a trailer.

Not sure what Ruffalo is talking about when he says he's playing the Hulk too... Are they going to suit him up in dots and scan him in or is he going to wear a Hulk suit and look as dumb as the Thing?,.............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gauleyboy420 11/20/2010 12:07:11 PM

It looks awesome to me. I don't want Batman with a power ring, and to the best of my knowledge before Hal went crazy and died, he was a balls to the walls fearless fighter pilot. No need for this to be all dark and gritty. Besides this is just the trailer. Reynolds can pull off dark and serious when he needs to . I have no fear that this movie will SOAR!

meedhi60 11/25/2010 5:02:23 AM

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