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Here's SMALLVILLE's Metallo


By Rob M. Worley     August 19, 2009
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Comics2Film: SMALLVILLE Metallo
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Your first photo of Brian Austin Green as Metallo in 'Smallville' is online. Plus: Does comic reveal 'Iron Man 2' designs? 'Twilight' star to topline 'Youngblood' movie? Sabretooth to come back for 'Wolverine 2'? More? In the midnight hour, it cried more, more more! It's your Comics2Film 9.8.19!



PRISONER Won't Interfere with BATMAN

Anyone fretting that Christopher Nolan's involvement in the film remake of the UK TV show 'The Prisoner' would interfere with the much-anticipated 'Batman' sequel can breath a little easier.

Cinefools talked to the producer of the movie, Barry Mendel, who said that Nolan is no longer involved with the project.

Whether or not Nolan dives into the 'Dark Knight' sequel after 'Inception' remains to be seen, but at this point he's not a prisoner to 'The Prisoner'.

Thanks to Miner49er for the submission.



Schreiber talks Sabretooth's Return in WOLVERINE 2

With things heating up on the 'Wolverine 2' sequel, Liev Schreiber tells MTV Splash Page he doesn't think he'll be left out in the cold.

Schreiber, who played Sabretooth in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' revealed, "Hugh [Jackman] mentioned that he had some conversations about it, but no one's told me about it yet."

However the actor said he enjoyed doing the first one and would like to reveal on screen how Victor Creed devolves from this year's version to the more beastly one seen in the original 'X-Men' movie. "I'd like to find out how my Victor became Tyler Mane's Victor."



Does comic reveal IRON MAN 2 Whiplash?

Marvel has unveiled preview art for the November comics title 'Iron Man vs Whiplash', leading many to speculate as to whether or not the newly redesigned Whiplash that appears in the comic will give us some insights into Mickey Rourke's ultimately evolved armor in 'Iron Man 2'.

The comic is obviously meant to dovetail with anticipation over the new movie, and the publisher has on occasion released books that bring the comic versions of character somewhat in line with the movie version. There were a slew of 'Doctor Octopus' titles in 2003 and 2004 which did away with the characters traditional costume and had him looking more like his trenchcoat counterpart in 'Spider-Man 2'. Marvel also published an issue of the infamous 'Daredevil vs Bullseye', which made Bullseye look (for a period) like the Colin Farrell version.

The new Whiplash comes courtesy of cover artist extraordinaire Marko Djurdjevic and features a bare-armed, chest-plated version of the character with glowing energy whips. On some level, that's what's been seen in the movie clips so far.

It's unlikely that the movie Whiplash will look exactly like this new comic version, but it's a sure bet Marvel's hoping it'll be close enough to ensnare new readers who are psyched for the movie but haven't picked up a comic in a while.

Whiplash comic design by Marko Djurdjevic

Cover art to IRON MAN vs WHIPLASH by Brandon Peterson

IRON MAN VS. WHIPLASH is a four issue mini-series written by Brannon Bragga & Marc Guggenheim with art by Phil Briones and covers by Brandon Peterson. It goes on sale for $3.99 on November 4th.

Thanks to WISEGUY562 for the submission.




IGN has a new preview real for 'The Surrogates', directed by Jonathan Mostow, starring Bruce Willis, based on the Top Shelf Comix title by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele. The movie opens September 25th.



Brian Austin Green in Metallo in season 9 of SMALLVILLE

Heeeeeere's SMALLVILLE's Metallo!

TV Guide has the exclusive first look at for '90210' and 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' star Brian Austin Green in his new villain role on season nine of 'Smallville'. On the show Green will play the man with the kryptonite heart: Metallo.

Here's the setup for the character offered by TV Guide: "Green plays John Corben, a new Daily Planet reporter who becomes the comic-book villain Metallo. In the aftermath of an accident, Corben is mysteriously outfitted with a heart made of kryptonite."

In the comics, Metallo is largely a robot with a human brain and executive producer Kelly Soulders says we may see something closer to that down the road. According to Soulders, the photo at right represents a "rough version of Metallo, a first attempt at the technology, and eventually he’ll get sleeker."

Thanks to WISEGUY562 for the submission.



Robert Pattinson Favored for YOUNGBLOOD Lead?

LatinoReview reports that director Brett Ratner is eying 'Twilight' heart-throb Robert Pattinson as his leading man in the 'Youngblood' movie.

"[Pattinson] could do anything. He just has that look," explained Ratner. "I picture him on Youngblood, for sure."

We don't usually go with a lot of snark here at Comics2Film, so we're going to leave it to you Maniacs to solve the following equation for us:

Youngblood + Brett Ratner + Robert Pattinson = ???

Post your solution below...


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Hobbs 8/19/2009 7:14:41 AM

Schreiber was great in Wolverine so I wouldn't mind him in the 2nd one.  However, if they are going to do the Miller/Claremont story in Japan then Sabertooth can't be in it but we are talking Fox here....I can see them messing up a great story just to get a cameo superhero in it.

hanso 8/19/2009 7:26:45 AM

I don't see Nolan filming The Prisoner. I know he wanted to but AMC is doing a new take on The Prisoner with Jim Caviziel as Number 6 and Ian Mckellan as Number 2. That miniseries drops late this year I think.

BAG looks like he has one of those Alien things on his chest. Forgot the name, something about huggers.

Whiplash looks cool.

Youngblood plus Bret Ratner plus Robert Pattinson = FUN?

Wiseguy 8/19/2009 7:35:11 AM

I think the point of reporting that Nolan thing is that he may now move on to Batman again if ever at all. I remember reading somewhere that WB financed the expensive Inception as quid pro quo for a third Bat film.

BAG looks pretty cool as Metallo but it looks like a take on Iron Man as opposed to a kryptonite heart. Glad he isn't the Green Lantern though. Smallville is goingn to be good

I guess that's probably what they'll base Whiplash's final costume on. Agree, it looks pretty cool

lol hanso, Youngblood looks like it may be FUN with the people involved

Wiseguy 8/19/2009 7:39:31 AM

Schreiber, in the past, sounded skeptical about returninmg to the role because of his age and the physical routine they put him through for the role. Sounds like he's had a change of heart, which is cool. I really liked his Victor 

pilgram 8/19/2009 7:46:45 AM

Youngblood = turd.

There was and is nothing new in the comic we have not seen before. How about a Wild C.A.T.S. film without  Brett (I can fuck up a wet dream) Ratner and Robert (not in the hair) Pattinson.

Darkknight2280 8/19/2009 7:51:56 AM

Smallville just needs to quit raping the superman continuity. Like Clark Meets Louis Before working at the daily Planet, Clark works along side other super heroes before actually becoming superman, introducing Doomsday before becoming superman and now this metallo business...enough is enough put him in tights or cancel the show...arrgggggggggg

I cant stand the Twilight series and Robert pattinson might as well be the teen bopper anti-christ, If you want good vampire action watch True Blood. Just..hearing his name or seeing him makes me ill. So having said that i will complete the above pop culture math problem:

Youngblood Brett Ratner Robert Pattinson = Total G@yness and the coming of the Apocalypse!

Flint521466 8/19/2009 8:04:31 AM

Bruce Willis needs a new "wig guy" 

littlemikey979 8/19/2009 8:27:32 AM

I think thats cool with the Whiplash armor, keeping it toned down a bit, we dont need another full armored villian going against Ironman, we know WM and IM well go a round or two already.

I thought ol' Liev did a great job as sabretooth, I do hope they work him into the story somehow.

GOD i hope they dont cheap out and give Metallo all under the skin robot parts like they did with Cyborg, I know its probably alot cheaper to not have to outfit someone with a custome like that, but come on was i the only one upset when we only saw Cyborg's cyborg parts when clark used his x-ray vision, whatever figure something out CW.

I think i speak for all when i say it put Nolan in the right direction for batman 3, nuff said.

nemesis1_57 8/19/2009 8:41:09 AM


I can see how they can do the Miller/Claremont story and also show some sence's with Sabertooth in the weapon X program and his transformation

gauleyboy420 8/19/2009 10:19:36 AM

Smallville is not raping Superman Continuity IT'S AN ELSEWORLDS TALE!!

I haven't watched it for about 4 seasons, but I always liked it. AND You had to accept pretty early on that it's not in Continuity with anything else.


I like the whiplash designs, I hope they get something cool like that for the film.


I'm not a Brett Ratner Hater, but YOUNGBLOOD!!!??? Pilgram said it best Youngblood =TURD! (wish I didn't own so many of them....I was young and stupid)

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