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McKellen to Play Holmes

Retired Holmes comes out of retirement

By Robert T. Trate     September 06, 2013

Sir Ian Mckellen will add yet another icon to cast of characters he has portrayed. Screendaily has reported that Icon, See-Saw, FilmNation, Anne Carey, BBC Films will produce a feature about Sherlock Holmes coming out of retirement. Check out the plot below: 

The Plot: Set in 1947, the film follows a long-retired Sherlock Holmes, who lives in a sleepy Sussex village with his housekeeper and her amateur-sleuthing son. But rather than enjoying a peaceful retirement, the famous Baker Street detective is haunted by an unsolved case from 50 years ago. He remembers only fragments: a confrontation with an angry husband, a secret bond with his beautiful but unstable wife.

Slight Trick of the Mind begins filming April 2014. 


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monkeyfoot 9/6/2013 8:20:28 AM

This sounds like an excellent idea! And it is a completely new use of the character that no one has done to my knowledge.

And you can't go wrong using McKellen.



kinetoscope 9/6/2013 8:46:57 AM

 I am most of the way through the first season of Elementary and this is wonderful news.


RobertTrate 9/6/2013 10:37:46 AM

 There was a story where Holmes was brought into the modern era. Female Watson and all took place in the eighties. I'll take Magneto/ Gandalf anyday over that. 

CaptAmerica04 9/6/2013 10:41:01 AM

I love the BBC/Cumberbatch version of Holmes, but this sounds awesome, too!

InnerSanctum 9/6/2013 12:18:30 PM

You can't get too much Holmes. 

almostunbiased 9/6/2013 1:21:57 PM

I'm down with this.

BunyonSnipe 9/6/2013 2:50:21 PM

Hmmmm sounds great, just a little worried about the setting 1947 would make him nearly ninety years old, maybe 1937 would have been better?

Modo 9/6/2013 7:23:15 PM

This sounds enticing.  Good casting.  It would be neat to tie it into the Jack the Ripper lore in terms of "an unsolved case", but I guess this has been done before, albeit by crappy movies like that Christopher Plummer monstrosity from the late 1970s... 

Kaziklu 9/7/2013 7:23:03 AM

 A movie about a 90 year old Sherlock Holmes.. who babbles about a unsolved case he barely remembers, why he uses a small boy to do the work by proxy? Seems a bit thin. 

IamChuck2026 9/7/2013 2:18:19 PM

I would watch Sir Ian do a play that a 5 year old wrote.  He would make it amazing.

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