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HERO BY NIGHT headed for small screen

D.J. Coffman's web comic gets TV deal

By Rob M. Worley     November 14, 2008

Hero By Night
© DJ Coffman

Platinum Studios has announced plans for a television series based on D.J. Coffman's webcomic 'Hero by Night'. The announcement was made with partners IM Global who will handle worldwide distribution and will produce the project through their IM Global Television banner run by television veteran Gavin Reardon, who brokered the deal along with the Rigberg Entertainment Group.

'Hero By Night', created by 2006 Comic Book Challenge winner, DJ Coffman, tells the story of young landlord, Jack King, who uncovers the lair of the legendary Hero by Night . Determined to make a little extra cash, Jack auctions the Hero’s journal on eBay. His plans backfire when he attracts the attention of Hero by Night’s old arch-enemy. Jack must now embrace a buried legacy to stop a madman from completing his diabolical schemes.

Platinum Studios’ Chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and IM Global’s Stuart Ford and Gavin Reardon are set to executive produce the series along with Rigberg Entertainment Group’s Glenn Rigberg. Platinum Studios’ vice president of Film and TV Rich Marincic will co-produce and former Universal Pictures’ senior executive, Randy Greenberg, of The Greenberg Group, who negotiated the deal, would co-executive produce.

Of course, this is all news to DJ Coffman himself.

The comics creator was, for a time, the star player at Platinum Studios, with 'Hero by Night' being the most buzzed-about book in their fledgling line of print comics. Coffman was a relentless promotor of himself, his book and his publisher. That is, until he stopped getting paid. Earlier this year Coffman began to distance himself from the studio, with the hopes of reclaiming his creation in lieu of the alleged non-payment. However, Coffman claims that when he blogged publicly about what was going on, the offer to return his creation was yanked from the table. This was played out in a public clash, which was well-documented by Rich Johnston.

At present, 'Hero by Night' is owned outright by Platinum and it's not clear what, if any, involvement or participation Coffman will have in the show or the show's proceeds.

Coffman has blogged about the announcement. Not surprisingly, he's been told nothing of the the TV deal. He writes:

"No, I was not informed. I can’t say that I’m surprised because Platinum Studios probably were afraid I’d blab about it on my blog, which has been known to kill deals and stuff I’m told. And I can’t say I’m surprised at all as how things have gone down this year, which is probably no secret at all to anyone who knows anything about this stuff in the slightest.

"I’m going to bite my tongue a little here, but only for the sake of having OTHER things going on that NOBODY in the outside world knows about, so having my name and creation in the Hollywood Reporter and out in the BUZZ isn’t a bad thing. (although sometimes I feel like I do need to shower afterward)

"I can say this about Hero By Night. It is without a doubt the BEST thing Platinum Studios has in it’s entire library. The best universe for sure. And that’s not meant to slam anything else, and it’s not meant as just cocky-creator speak… it’s truth culled from a thousand destinations."

Coffman tells his readers he'll wait and see if Platinum contacts him at all regarding the TV deal and goes on to report that he's expecting royalty payments for 'Hero by Night' being the #4 download on Wowio, which presumably means he's got some money coming his way.


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metalwater 11/14/2008 9:16:58 PM

They should just make a good faith deal with him and give him what he wants and ink a deal for some of his upcoming creations. Stealing from people can only lead to this company causing other creators, or potential creators, of similar properties to go elsewhere.



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