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Hero Worship

DC and Marvel fans are entering toy paradise

By Andrew Kardon     December 12, 2002

Finally, finally, finally. Comic fans finally have some unbelievably cool superhero action figures. On the Marvel side, Toy Biz is outdoing itself with its super-poseable, beautifully sculpted MARVEL LEGENDS line. THE THING. NAMOR. DOOM. You name it. And they plan on keeping 'em coming! But over on the DC side, DC Direct is finally turning a big corner next year.

They're not

DC Direct's KINGDOM COME Hawkman

only bringing fans some gorgeously cheesy figures based on the '70s cartoon THE SUPER-FRIENDS, but now they're going to bring Alex Ross' breathtaking KINGDOM COME artwork to toy life! (See "Toy Tidbits" below). Not to mention DC Direct figures of SUPERMAN, BATMAN, the JOKER and the rest of the Dynamic Duo's close gang. And if fans jump on these new figs as anticipated, you better buckle up!

It's gotta be just a matter of time before DC Direct goes a step further and brings home action figures based on Frank Miller's DARK KNIGHT series. Or how about Mike Grell's gorgeous GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS? Heck, for that matter, you'll probably see collector-oriented figures based on every Batman and Superman incarnation.

Sigh. If only DC Direct could truly tap into the Speed Force. Then we'd actually be playing with these suckers tomorrow!


MCFARLANE TOYS has officially announced that it will not be attending next year's annual International Toy Fair, held every February in New York City. The company is in the process of moving to some bigger digs, so they feel they can handle the PR portion much better from their own sunny Arizona headquarters.

DC Comics

DC Direct's KINGDOM COME Wonder Woman

fans have nothing to complain about next year. Not only are they finally getting collector-oriented (i.e. amazing sculpts) figures of Batman, Robin, Superman and the gang, but they're finally getting figures based on the cheezoid SUPER-FRIENDS of yesteryear. And now it seems, DC's even topping itself. Next July look for the first wave of action figures based on Mark Waid and Alex Ross' classic mini-series KINGDOM COME. Making the cut for the first wave are GREEN LANTERN, HAWKMAN, SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN. And you better believe there'll be plenty more on the way including BATMAN and CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Even little kids can get in on the toy fun. Those funky building blocks, MEGA BLOKS, will be putting out special construction toys next year based on popular DISNEY characters and those color-coordinated POWER RANGERS.


If you're

McFarlane Toys' Biker Chick

a member of the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club, you can get your hands on the newest exclusive figure: BIKER CHICK. Straight from the pages of the HELLSPAWN comic comes this mega-tough babe who stands 6 ½" inches tall, features seven points of articulation and comes dressed in tight black leather, with a purple tribal-like tattoo along the right side of her body. She also comes with a removable gun belt with holster, handgun and massive automatic weapon with angelic blade for hunting down Hellspawn.


They may

Art Asylum's Mini-Mate version of Iron Maiden's Eddie

be small in size, but they're certainly big on attitude. Art Asylum's li'l Mini-Mates are pint-sized figures of some of today's hardest rockers. You can get your grubby paws on 3-inch versions of OZZY, ROB ZOMBIE, IRON MAIDEN'S EDDIE, and ALICE COOPER in the first wave of rockers.

"My precious.

Toy Biz's TWO TOWERS Gandalf

My preccccccccccccccious!" Man, that Gollum still gives me the creeps. Anyway, Toy Biz's LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS action figures are now tackling toy shelves just in time for the release of the blockbuster film of the same name. Bring your fellowship to the local toy store and grab hold of FARAMI, LEGOLAS, GANDALF THE WHITE, GONDORIAN RANGER, EASTERLING and more.

D'oh! So many SIMPSONS figures and so little shelf space. Well, that's not a problem anymore thanks to the Toys R Us exclusive MAIN STREET playset! Not only does this large playset feature exclusive figures of CRAZY OLD MAN and SQUEAKY VOICED TEEN, but just about every Simpsons figure to date's voice chips should work with it. Woo hoo!

Go Figure is our monthly Toys and Action Figure column.

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