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The Hero ...

Tom Welling as Clark Kent

By Eric Moro     May 05, 2003

Much like his comic book alter ego, SMALLVILLE star Tom Welling can best be described as the ultimate team player. While Clark Kent/Superman could very easily crown himself the one-man show of the DC Comics Universe, it's his attitude of working with his fellow champions (i.e. Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern) in safeguarding the planet that truly makes him a hero.

Welling works in much the same albeit, a more down-to-earth manner. Any attempt at labeling the actor as the true heart of the series elicits a response spun toward his being part of a team project.

"I think everyone's getting more comfortable with their roles, with themselves and with each other," he says. "It just keeps getting better. Our production level is getting to be more ferocious, more efficient, more of a better machine, so to speak. I think its great; I think it's fun. I think [the series] is going to look deeper and deeper inside of Clark and who he is. And I hope it'll continue to focus on him trying to be normal rather then him just letting go and becoming a superhero. I think that's the interesting part the struggle."


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