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redhairs99 1/27/2010 3:37:32 AM

Yeah Gauley, I think they established that Claire's blood has healing properties back when Noah got shot through the eye a while back (can't recall if it was season 2 or 3).  Still, I haven't used that idea since and obviously have forgotten about it...unless Claire actually wanted Lydia dead...????

Also isn't Parkman's kid "Baby Stop 'N' Go"  in that he can make the powers of others either cease or start back up again?  Maybe Sylar really needed the baby to get rid of his powers and not Parkman?

And doublec, don't really know what is going on with Tracy.  I'm pretty sure the last time we saw her (which has been a while now) was her joining the carnival, and now Elizabeth Rhom's character calls her up and it looks like she's back in an office in D.C.  Who the hell knows?  I'm pretty sure the writers for this series don't.

dracor00 1/27/2010 6:24:30 AM

they really need to answer the question of where is tracy and what has she been doing since she joined the carnival. Since she joined we have seen her once and it was a 1 second clip i a montage.

silversurfer 1/27/2010 1:20:45 PM

My only question to the question of Where's Tracy? Is: Do you really want or need to see her? That character is boring, and has no real alliance with anyone in the current arc.

Clarie's blood would have an adverse affect on the meta's, she saved HRG. Nathan's abilites were the result of genetics and not naturally done, so that's why it would work on him as well.

I like Samuel as being the person that he is, and I do think that he's intimidated by HRG, and Claire just got caught in the crossfire because she would be able to heal herself. His problem with HRG is that he's relentless.....

We need Sylar to be a bad-ass, and Peter needs to be able to have the ability to mimic his ability. I still think that this where Peter gets his scar...from his cello playing wannabe girlfriend.

neverqwestion 1/30/2010 1:52:09 AM

I agree with Ultrazilla, the lesbian thing does seem a little forced. Claire always makes me feel uncomfortable for her whenever they show a scene of Gretchen trying to hold her hand.  Also, I'm getting tired of Peter's dumbass antics. From season 1, he was always rushing into situations and making judgements without getting the full story. His head-first bravado (idiocy?) is getting very tiresome.

jayinvincible 1/30/2010 4:15:00 AM

Totally agree with all you guys, and the Poe reference was beautiful, that took me back to 9th grade Lit. I thought I was the only one hating the direction of this show but I see that I'm not alone. It's like the director gets a hat filled with names of writers that have no knowledge of the show and just picks one. I was sitting, watching the show and was literally yelling at Claire to use her blood to heal the tattooed chick, then I realized I hate all the carnies anyway.......and the deaf chick. This show is going down the porcelain louge quickly. And Parkman, just when I think ok they are going to give him a pair and make him sweet, they write him acting like a tool and waste the greatest power next to Sylar. For my dime they could have left Sylar in his mind for the whole season or played him against the whole cast a la Onslaught (of Marvel comics). I know they tried that with Allan monroe but almost anything would be better than this crap. And can anyone tell me what happened to Irish chick that Peter left in the alternate future. If he's such a hero wouldn't he have gotten Hiro's power and stopped that from happening, oops I forgot he's spending his time calling deaf chicks! URRRRRR!

isgrimner 1/30/2010 2:53:32 PM

Redhairs, after looking at Parkman's wall, it is pretty clear he is not a mason.  I was a mason/carpenter in the Navy for years and that was a pretty sorry wall.   However, I am going to agree with everyone that Parkman is quite the idiot recently.

As to Claire's blood healing others, that is just an example of the lazy writing on this show.  They write themselves in a corner, have Noah shot, but its ok because we'll just save him with Claire's blood.  Will we ever touch on this plot device again?  No.   I mean the way Peter was running himself ragad earlier this season, you'd think he would have taken Claire's powers and turned himself into a reverse vampire, giving the healing blood to those it could help. 

I guess my interest in the show has waned so much that, I just watched it today, on Saturday almost a week after it aired.  I still have a tiny bit of hope for the show.  I do have to say at least this episode was better than last week.

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