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  • TV Series: Heroes
  • Episode: Brother's Keeper
  • Starring: Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, Ali Larter, Milo Ventimiglia, Jack Coleman, Leonard Roberts, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar
  • Written By: Rob Fresco
  • Directed By: Mark Verheiden
  • Network: NBC
  • Series: Heroes

Heroes: Brother's Keeper Review

Nathan sees his true dead self in Heroes.

By Stephen Lackey     November 17, 2009

Heroes Review


It’s amazing that an episode of Heroes can get a good score and feature both Hiro and Mohinder. These are the two most useless characters in the show and they’re both at the center of this episode. While Hiro is just as annoying as always, Mohinder is slightly more interesting than he typically is. One thing about Hiro this week is that he shows a much darker side of his personality. When put into a situation where he must deal with Mohinder in order to save Charli, he doesn’t kill him but he does still do something that comes off pretty torturous. Hiro is usually the always positive always desperate to be the hero character and this time he’s forced into a decision that’s not so heroic. Hopefully, this decision will impact his personality in some way. He should feel a little guilty for what he did to Mohinder in future episodes. It’s that level of complexity of character that garners Hiro a few points this week.
This episode’s starts a new cycle a few of the heroes and it answers some questions that have been hanging over the series all season. Samuel’s endgame finally becomes more apparent this week and it isn’t disappointing. The answer to the compass is given as is the mysterious film that Samuel has been seeking. Hiro had to go back in time and rescue the film before Mohinder destroyed it. Of course, Hiro took the time to save Mohinder as well to his deficit. Mohinder was dead set on stopping Samuel no matter what the cost. That’s when Hiro was pushed into getting Mohinder out of the way until Charlie is safe. Mohinder doesn’t get anything mind-blowing to do, which is typical of his character, but he also doesn’t get to irritating either. It would have actually been nice to have gotten some narration from him this week. The narration from Mohinder was really the best thing about his character.
The Nathan/Sylar/Parkman stuff seemed to finally be wrapping up in this episode, but at the last minute, it gets drug out even further. Sylar only got a brief appearance this week and for this story, that’s a very bad thing. Without Sylar’s smart ass quips, the whole story starts to fall apart or at least it gets a lot less interesting. Sylar does get one funny line when he first appears for his brief scene but that’s it. This story has had many funny moments throughout its run, but it has just been dragging along. It’s time for it to be over and for Nathan to simply die. There are other characters I’d like to see dead much more but the story has been written and the path has been laid out so it’s time for things to wrap up.
Some of the best stuff of the week involves Claire and Tracey. Tracey has been going through an identity crisis. That’s a fully place for her to be considering that she’s not really herself and is actually a clone. She was made an offer to come live at the carnival by Samuel and with everything she’s going through the idea is appetizing to her. For the first time, she doesn’t have an identity and without that identity her emotional well being is in jeopardy. That unstable well being is manifested in the spontaneous activation of her abilities. Who would Tracey seek help from if her abilities went crazy? Noah of course? She doesn’t find him but she does find Claire who tries to help Tracey get control of her crazy abilities. The scenes between these two are just good fun as is Noah’s reaction when he gets home to find the two of them hanging out.
This installment of Heroes offers a lot of story development which has been sorely needed for several episodes. Samuel also gets more history and depth which makes an already fascinating character all the more interesting. If the Sylar story would just get finished and bring back the old Sylar ,this series would be in fantastic shape.


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gimpythewonder 11/17/2009 3:41:23 PM

I thought this was a really solid episode.  I would have given it an even B or maybe B on the Heroes scale.

Anyone else think Ando will be coming back to the fray next episode?  the post episode bump had that red lightning thing goin' on.  not yet sure if that's a necessary thing though.  Perhaps Ando's amplification powers can ratchet Samuel through the roof?

I've been well pleased w/ this season.  I just wish they would have kept it paired w/ Chuck instead of another copycay medical show

ponyboy76 11/17/2009 4:09:32 PM

Don't worry the "coppcat medical show" has been cancelled which sucks because I was really digging Trauma.
Am I the only one that was confused as to the whereabouts of Sylar. Is he back in his own body or what? If so why is he even bothering with this charade? I guess so maybe he can get close to the rest of them to kill them but I don't know. It was a good episode though. I knew Samuel wasn't just doing all this for his altruism towards people with powers.Its Teabag for godsakes.

Jess84 11/17/2009 6:13:32 PM

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dracor00 11/17/2009 6:51:38 PM

so i feel hiro acted way out of character with what he did to mohinder. couldnt he have just took mohinder 8 or even 9 weeks  into the future instead of the torture he placed him in?  all in all found it to be a solid episode.  they need to end the sylar/nathan storyline. glad we know samuels end game

Hobbs 11/17/2009 8:43:52 PM

Pony, I was thinking the same thing.  Part of me thinks maybe he's in Peter.  Or now that Peter has all his old powers back he might be waiting for Sylar to make his move.  I like the direction this season has taken.  Still has some things to clean up but overall I think they got back on track.   

dawntreader 11/17/2009 9:53:40 PM

Sylar in Peter?

Didnt you see Nathan talking to Peter about how he could feel Sylar inside but was at the moment able to keep him in check?

i think Nathan/Sylar will be the next Nikki/Jessica. they are all set to have nathan and sylar fight it out over the body now.

does anyone remember in season 2 how there was a point where hiro went to the future and saw future ando kill hiro and there was a giant wave happening in the ground? remember the drawing on the wall in one of the alleys that had an earth breaking up?

doublec 11/17/2009 10:08:43 PM

I think Sylar is back in is own body but the Nathan persona is still in control. I think this is how they'll set up Nathan's "death", hopefully next week. Everybody know's he's gone, so just get it over with.

I thought the Tracy/Claire scenes were really fun and well acted. Having Ali Larter in wet undies a good portion of the time was certainly not a bad thing. And her reaction at discovering she'd  "broken" Claire was probably one of the funniest things I've seen on this show.

Although I'm surprised that Samuel is actually  even more evil than he's been shown I liked the storyline surrounding this, even if it did lead to the unnecessary return of The Amazing SpiderMohinder. If nothing else, Samuel's easy defeat of him showed power alone does NOT a hero make!

It's obvious Hiro is going to play a big part in whatever happens, so hopefully some people will get over thier obsessive hate of him and deal with that. He's been considerably less over the top the last few episodes, almost like he's doing some of  that growing those same people talked about.

And lastly, large portions of this review read like they were written by someone for whom English is a distant second language. Since I know that's not the case, may I respectfully suggest that even a modest amount of proofreading would be a good thing? We can't argue with you if we don't know what you're saying!

redhairs99 11/18/2009 4:49:46 AM

"Some of the best stuff of the week involves Claire and Tracey."

Seriously?  I thought that was all terribly lame filler.  It was completely useless in my opinion. 

My main question with this episode is "So does Peter now have every power that Sylar has?"  I mean, he touched him to get the flying ability, but shouldn't that touch have given him all the powers including Sylar's ability to steal and retain abilities? 

dracor00 11/18/2009 10:10:11 AM

peter touching sylar does not mean he has all the powers.  He touched him before at the end of last season and only took the shapechanging power.  So i think its a one power deal.

Im really hoping they make peter like Mimic from X-men comics where he can hold a set of a couple powers at once. 


I really think that in the end the sylar/nathan personalities are going to merge into one person not really either but a sum of them.

and yea the future where ando kills hiro seems to be coming to pass although in a different way. Hiro is becoming more and more obsessed about charlie and willing to do more and more for Samuel so he may eventually go that route

fft5305 11/18/2009 10:33:48 AM

Peter can only absorb 1 power at a time now.  He only absorbed the flight ability.  He didn't absorb Sylar's power of figuring out how things work.  If he had, he still wouldn't have been able to fly until he figured out how someone else's flight worked.  I think Sylar went into Nathan's body. He just might not have fully taken over yet, but it looks like he will next week.  He'll have to take over completely at some point, since it's already been announced that Adrian Pasdar was getting canned.  And yes, I thought it looked like Ando would be back next week, too, when I saw the red lightning. 

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