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dawntreader 1/20/2010 11:29:44 PM

i thought the Hiro thing was way to campy. i will admit that it was fun, but i thought this show was done with being silly, yet here we are again.

they have got to start moving away from these characters, it is time to kill off some more of the main characters and get in some new powers and personalities. i wouldnt mind seeing some others come out from the languishing story lines, like matt, and really take a central role.

i am not sure if i want Hiro to die or not. i really liked him in 1st season, but lately he has been to much comedy relief and not enough growth and seriousness.

i would also like the mohinder thing to wind up and be done with. he is such a minimal character anyways.

redhairs99 1/21/2010 3:09:21 AM

"You read that right. Sylar and Claire share spit. If the intent was to shock the audience, it worked..."

I wouldn't say it really "shocked the audience."  It did shock us in the teaser at the end of last week's show, but by the time this aired, we already knew it was going to happen.

And am I the only one who knew that Sylar shape-shifted into Gretchen in the closet before that scene even began?

I also think I might be the only one who never liked the Hiro character.  The badass future Hiro had me intrigued, but not for very long. 

I have liked Samuel's character this season, and he seems like a pretty good villian, but this episode almost ruined that angle.  Seeing him all lovely, dovely and pleading her to stay just didn't seem in character for him.  I guess it was just a way to get him to turn total SUPERVILLIAN, but it was still lame.

The three best parts of this episode were Mohinder leaving (hopefully, finger-crossed, for good), Samuel going apesh!t, and Adam's line about "Oh, he's just quoting the opening theme to Quantum Leap!"  As I read the subtitles when Hiro was speaking it, I thought the same thing.

redhairs99 1/21/2010 3:13:13 AM

As for Peter, you'd think the guy would have some common sense by now, but no, he still acts before he thinks.  Like last week, Why would anyone just barge into a friend's apartment and just destroy something that person cared about?  No, you knock on the door, and ask to talk, explain that you had this vision and where it came from and then decide how to not make it happen.

dracor00 1/21/2010 7:19:46 AM

also when mohinder was put in the institution by hiro he was gunho determined to go after samuel

then he is all of a sudden "yea your on your own, there is a girl i dissapointed i need to go see her and make amends" "yea im not longer worried about the guy i feel can destroy the world and needs to be stopped, I need to go see a girl ya, sorry bye"

Hobbs 1/22/2010 9:53:59 AM

I have tried...I really gave this show yet another chance to redeem itself.  In fact I'll even go as far as saying the 1st part of the season was half way decent.  Now we are what, 4 episodes into the 2nd half and I'm done.  About 40 mins into this episode I started hitting the fast forward on my DVR to just get the damn episode over with.   I have officially removed it from my DVR manager and I've given up on this show.  Thats great you guys seem to be enjoying it and I hope it stays on the air just for your sake but count me out after last night when I watched it.

Some closing notes:

Sylar is the perfect bad guy and the only time the writers seemed to realize this was in the 1st season.  How they keep on pissing all over such an oppurtunity is mind blowing in itself. 

Claire...ugh...the gal Hayden is okay to look at but her acting sucks and I just can't take it anymore. She needs a much smaller role.

Hiro...another character with potential...4 seasons later there is no growth at least in the direction we saw future Hiro in season 1. 

Peter....the writers just never figured out his powers...and even dumbed down as they made it now there are too many inconsistencies every time he touches someone.  He can touch someone by accident and get their power yet when he grabs them nothing....like I said, they just never figured him out. 

The Indian doctor guy....show was so much better in first half without him. 

The pro I like about this season...I like the carnival and samuel and how he is gathering all the people with powers to a single place and planning some evil sheet along the way.  It's just taking way too long to get to that point.  I don't like that they had him doing all this for a girl...on one hand it makes him more human but I'm sorry...I just don't need it. Just give me a kick a$$ bad guy (see Sylar above).

All in all, the show just never lived up to the potential it showed us in the first season.  The guy who created it had originally wanted a new cast each season and maybe that would have been the smart way to go.  Who knows...its just time to move on to other things and with Lost, 24, and Caprica here...I just don't care about this show any longer.

redhairs99 1/22/2010 3:15:20 PM

Well, Hobbs, I think it was lame that they made everything Samuel did and will do is because of a woman, but I think most evil that men do in real life is because of a woman.

Okay, ladies (the few that are one here), I'm only kidding. ;)

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