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Heroes Premiere? Start Anew?

9/23/2008 1:06:49 AM permalink

Here's the thing that bothered me about the season premiere.

I thought Tim Kring and his writers were going to start afresh? That they were going to stop with the endless questions. the hell did they start Nikki as some assistant without addressing what happened in New Orleans?!?

Where's Micah? What happened to the little girl that Mohinder-the-recently-made-idiot was supposed to be protecting.

The last we saw was Ali Larter blowing up in a burning building and Micah thinking his mother was dead. The last we saw was the little girl being under the protection of Mohinder...

Kring....guys....If you want to start anew....START ANEW. Don't go into opposite directions with more questions. End the last season's cliffhangers and then go into a new direction.

I liked last night's fact, I'm still hooked. But please knock off the unanswered questions from the previous season if you go on record about everything being answered (as Kring and company have said to media this past summer).

I'm glad that Peter confessed to Nathan that he shot him though. I'm glad that's not an unsolved crime mystery..Thanks Kring.

And btw, future Peter has too many powers...My god, he's unstoppable. He is indeed the most powerful on this series. He's a Jedi Master with...unlimited powers. He can now transfer people into other people's bodies?!?

If Peter ever turns villain (as the season premiere hints to), the world is screwed...royally.

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