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  • Episode: Truth and Consequences
  • Starring: Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, Ali Larter, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Milo Ventimiglia, Jack Coleman, Leonard Roberts, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar
  • Produced By: Adam Armus, Jeph Loeb, Tim Kring

HEROES: Truth and Consequences

By Stephen Lackey     November 28, 2007

Still from HEROES: Truth and Consequences.
Last week’s episode was probably the best of the season, so when this week lacked the momentum and energy of that episode, I was a little surprised, considering it was the second to last episode of the season. It wasn’t a bad episode, not by a long shot, but it does carry forward the pace started by the previous episode. I know there has to be lulls in the action in order to drag the story out for an entire season, but at the end of the season? This episode is mostly set up for the final confrontations and the promise set up here is exciting. Also, (spoiler alert big time) since Sylar finally killed off Alejandro, there’s no way this episode would get less than a B.
We all know now what a fool Mohinder is but could Peter be an even bigger one? He seems to be working with Adam without question, even after a final confrontation with Hiro where he insists that Adam is bad. Peter has a little more history with Hiro and you’d think he’d at least take a minute to consider Hiro’s words not to mention the fact that everyone else Peter runs into that knows Adam warns Peter that Adam is a villain. Could this be a big push by the writers to make us believe Adam is a villain in order to twist it on us in the finale? I know love can make you blind and all but I really feel like Peter needs to wake up and smell the villainy. So, Adam knows everything about the company and he and Peter visit Victoria, the engineer that originally harvested the virus that Peter has seen destroy humanity in the future. So where was Matt? He was looking for Victoria as of last week’s episode so I sort of expected to see him appear on the scene when Adam and Peter were act Victoria’s house. The bog showdown between Hiro and Peter was really exciting. I think Hiro is technically out gunned here but he has some tricks up his sleeve.
Next up is Claire’s story. Now, while I’ve said this episode doesn’t feel as energetic and as fast paced as last week, I also don’t feel like there’s any unnecessary storytelling this week. Claire’s story slows down a great deal but it really should as she has to deal with spreading her father’s ashes. Now, before you go telling me “hey you said Hiro’s story was unnecessary last week and he was dealing with his father’s death” let me say that the specific parts of the episode where Hiro was eulogizing his father I really liked and said so. The culmination of this story was the confrontation between Elle and Claire. I was brought back to Kramer’s obsession with “c-c-cat fights”. I don’t know if I think her plan to reveal her abilities to the world will work but it’s sure to light a fire under the company. Oh, did anyone else wonder why Claire was the one to spread her father’s ashes while her mother stood in the background. There’s all kinds of ways you could try to justify this but in the end she did it because she a bigger star on the show. HRG doesn’t really get to do much this week except wake up again and complain to Mohinder for a minute.
One could argue that the Monica/ Micah story line here gets in the way of the more interesting stuff and I would be inclined to agree, but I actually enjoyed seeing Micah still trying to put together The Fantastic Four minus one. So, Monica busts into a house to get Micah’s backpack and she appears to be getting a beat down. Is a limitation to her ability that she can only do one learned ability at a time and that each ability stays until she learns a new one? I ask because we’ve seen her learn how to fight before but when push comes to shove she seemed pretty helpless when she gets caught in the house.
Finally, finally things come to a head with Sylar and the twins. He has really won Maya over but Alejandro doesn’t trust him and of course that gets him killed. It’s a funny and macabre scene when Sylar opens the door to his room shirtless attempting to appear as though he just got out of the shower and he puts the moves on Maya while her brother lies murdered just out of sight. I couldn’t help but feel like this was almost a Joker-like move. Sylar also gets the big stinger at the end which blew me away. Who is the babysitter and what did Sylar do to him/her? Could it be Matt? I doubt it because Matt has become too powerful, but where is Matt? 
There’s a lot of set up in this episode that could have probably been better spread out across multiple episodes. This season appears to be extremely end heavy and it’s not all due to the writers strike like some people have commented. The first two thirds of the season was drug out too long so now we’re getting a lot crammed into these last few episodes. This was a great episode, but a bit slow for one so close to the end of the season. HRG is a bad ass again so I can’t wait to see him get back into the fray and of course the Hiro/Peter showdown appears exciting. Let’s just hope the payoff is coming.


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metalwater 11/28/2007 12:12:58 AM
Very good episode. Not the best episode in the last four weeks, but very good nonetheless.
gimpythewonder 11/28/2007 2:22:01 AM
wow, i agreed w/ almost all of the review. That hasn't happened before. I too was wonder where Matt was. I'm sure his absense will be explained in the last episode, but it was odd. I thought the whole Micah storyline was 100% pointless. It in no way served to setup the finale, which is what a penultimate episode should do. Don't get me wrong, I like the character and his cousin its just that this story doesn't need to be told right now and feels like a waste of valuable real-estate in the framework of this volume. Couldn't it have been done say around episode 4 or 5? Perhaps its supposed to set up events for volume 3, but since we won't get that until who knows when i felt robbed.
maverickrenegade 11/28/2007 2:48:52 AM
there are too many pointless character arc's in this show for me to handle. the only reason some of these characters still make screen time is the fact that their face attracts a certain amount of fans, other than that some characters dont seem to move the story forward at all, and others seem to have way to much to do making me wish i could watch someone else all in all this show went from exciting and fresh to crappy soap opera "CW" material. ps its just an opinion so dont start throwing shit in my eye
ultrazilla2000 11/28/2007 3:44:00 AM
I'm a little confused by all this "season finale" stuff. We're only...what...ten, eleven episodes into the second year??? Do they plan to pick up when the strike is over and FINISH the standard 20-22 episode run that most shows get? Will this batch come out on DVD as Season 2? Ugh...
DarkJedi_home 11/28/2007 4:27:22 AM
The problem with that question is the unknown factor, Ultrazilla. We just don't know when the WGA strike will end and we don't know what the upcoming SAG/DAG strike will do to production next summer for the next season. So many unknowns have writers and studios not elaborating if they will finish a season after the current ones run out. As for the show.. The Monica/Micah storyline should have been cut out when the WGA strike changed this into the next to last episode. I liked the episode but again, the writers put in a pointless side story over Micah losing his book bag when the show should have centered on Noah, Claire, Matt, Suresh, Peter, Hiro and Nathan. I had no qualms when Sylar took out one of the wondertwins and chuckled even harder when he kissed Maya right there while his body was still warm. Sylar is just one of those villains you love to hate..His ruthless behavior is a plus in a show where so many characters are too nice. Also found it very strange that Maya couldn't sense anything wrong. I mean, other than being a supposed hero with powers, that's her twin dead right there...She couldn't sense anything? Still, next to last episode and we hardly get any Noah...No Nathan...No Matt...Yet, we get Micah crying over his bookbag being lost. That was the only frustrating aspect of it. The ending was awesome...Hiro screaming while charging Peter. For next season, I ask the following from the writers and Kring. 1. Improve the common sense of Peter. 2. Improve the common sense of Suresh. (Or Kill him.) 3. No more lies between Claire, Noah and Co. Act as a unit. 4. Keep the main characters together for the most part, keep them in constant contact. 5. No amnesia. I love the Haitian character, someone we don't see enough of, but that's a tired plot device for good television series.
Wiggley 11/28/2007 6:15:38 AM
Good review, I totally forgot about Matt via this episode. very good point. wasn't he given victoria's location when he forced Peters mother? Peter blindly following Adam was incredibly anoying! Especially when it got to Hiro's warning. C'mon, Pete and Hiro have some history for God's sake. Very week piece of plot. Fantastic point of Claire spreading the ashes insteadof the wife. A bit picky but completely correct. Thanks for ruining that scene for me LOL. I don't really mind the Micah storyline being thrown in now and then. I think if will be a bigger part of next season and they are just attempting to keep the seasons tied together and keep us hooked and curious. I didn't say they were doing a good job of it, so don't bash me. Very interesting point on the girl forgetting the kung fu and wrestling moves. This season, god i hope this is not the finally already, seems INCREADILBY short. Not a happy fan if this is true. strike or not :( Am I the only person that thinks Sylar's villiany is being played just a bit over the top? Like him is season one, but he seems to corny villianish so far this season.
metalwater 11/28/2007 6:19:57 AM
Agreed about the Haitian character--we have seen him remove memories in people...and or give them amnesia. Time to show that he has a new and hidden power...that being the ability yo plant false memories into people. Imagine if he can turn Kristen Bell against her own father, making her believe that she and Claire were raised by the same family...and that he is simply a murderous stranger pursuing the family, etc.? Thus this would allow him to rewrite people's memories with new ones. This could open up all kinds of knew directions for the character. He could also turn a character like Hiro into an assassin with a completely new and false memory designed to make him a cold blooded killer. Or turn Sylar into a hero...who falsely believes that he was always one of the good guys, one with a knew name...and new identity. Foes become allies, and allies become foes. The possibilities are endless. BTW...why doesn't the Haitian make the stripper mom forget her other personalities...so she can live as an uncomplicated single mother...unaware of her dangerous multiple personality disorder??? Who knows, perhaps he can even blend the personalities into one seamless personality...giving her aspects of each personality...the assassin/fighter, the stripper, the normal mom, and the floozy. etc.
TheDarkRaven 11/28/2007 7:37:05 AM
Given that the original story arc is being cut down by a whole lotta episodes, I can't see how the writer's strike isn't ultimately the major factor in the rushed/chopsuey storylines. And for the first time ever, I think you were too generous in your grading, Stephen. 8) I think DarkJedi pegged it regarding Micah's bookbag. How much of this was originally supposed to fit in this one episode, I wonder? It feels like lots of things got crammed and edited down so they could fit into the final episodes, and everything is suffering because of it. Once the strike officially severed the season, I 10000% agree that Micah and Monica should have been entirely truncated to a minor footnote. They haven't connected to the virus at this point, but to be fair... *minor spoiler alert* In the commentary on the website, the actor who plays Adam says he filmed an episode with Nikki, so there's a chance they will be brought back into it next week with a viable connection. We'll have to see. *end spoiler* Sylar, as always, is the best part of this show, and I like that he's found how to connect with Maya. As far as her trusting him over the brother, maybe the initial plans for the season would have spread it out a bit more so it would feel more fluid. But she's been mass murdering those around her, so I can easily see why she would cling to the first person that doesn't run. And I love how Sylar plays on her guilt and puts thoughts in her head about her brother hating her. I'd probably give this episode a B /A- if the whole season was left, but with the strike going, I can't in good conscience give it more than a C at this point. If the finale ties in the Micah storyline with a brilliant bow, then I'll take it back.
metalwater 11/28/2007 7:48:20 AM
The best thing that has happened to the show this season is the Writer's Strike, in addition to the fan/media backlash started by your's truly, as it has forced the show's creator's to refocus themselves on tightening up the story. Hence, I believe that the strike itself has given them the needed time to take a breathier and further refine the rest of the remaining story, and the scripts therein, which are targeted for debut later in the season. PS-In the new episode, I hated how Micah's cousin, the girl with the muscle mimic power, just wimped out this week as the gang returned and grabbed her. She should have wiped them all out considering her abilities. Instead she went out like a wimpering bitch!!! I mean, this is a girl who easily took on a thug with a gun just a few episodes ago...but suddenly and without explanation, she can't take-out a group of punk teenage gang members??? Now that's a real and serious contradiction.
hanso 11/28/2007 8:36:40 AM
I don't know, I wasn't into this episode that much. Like many have stated, the Micah storyline was pointless and Monica not being able to a) leave the house using her free running abilities or b) bitch slapping the punks, was even more retarded than the fact that Peter can explode in a nuclear blast, survive it but a shotgun blast to the head will kill him. Glad one of the twins is done, that guy didn't have any power except controlling his sister. There is potential now with Maya if she turns villain, but I doubt she will. We need Matt for the finale and I think Hiro is going to get his ass kicked by Peter. What I want to know is this, the season has been cut short due to the strike so they created the next episode to be the last one. My question is this, will they do like Lost did when they created the 6 episode arc and then picked up the rest of the 16/17 episodes of the season or are they going to officially end season 2 next monday and whenever the strike is over start work on season 3? I hope that if they decide to pick up season 2 after the strike is over they don't try to do like HBO does with it's series lately and tries to sell me Season 2 part 1 and Season 2 part 2, I really hate that. What they need for Heroes Season 3 in my opinion is a Magneto type character,you know he thinks mutants are better than humans stuff. West was never truly that or meant to be that like I've seen posted a couple of times. I think that would work for Season 3.
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