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Heroine found to face ALIEN VS. PREDATOR

Actress played Blade's mother in the first BLADE film

By Patrick Sauriol     October 24, 2003

Sanaa Lathan stars in OUT OF TIME.
Actress Sanaa Lathan (who can be seen playing opposite Denzel Washington in OUT OF TIME) has landed the role of Lex Kline in ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, Paul W.S. Anderson's meeting of the 20th Century Fox extraterrestrials. Lathan's character is the lead in the film, kind of like Sigourney Weaver's Ripley in the stand-alone ALIEN films. Whereas Ripley was a Warrant Officer on an interstellar commercial ore refinery that was at the wrong place and wrong time, Lathan's Kline is a professional explorer hired by billionaire Charles Wayland to investigate the strange pyramid discovered beneath the surface of Antartica. What it boils down to is: it's still the wrong place and the wrong time to be there.

Lathan joins the previously announced Lance Henriksen (Charles Wayland) and the newly revealed cast members Ewen Bremmer and Raoul Bova. Shooting commences on October 28 in Prague.

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