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LAST STARFIGHTER, THE (EXPANDED) Soundtrack Review (Article) - 1/19/2015 12:23:06 AM

 One of my absolute favorite movies and soundtracks.  I have to revisit this one.

Neill Blomkamp's Awesome Alien Concept Art (Article) - 1/2/2015 7:02:33 PM

 Neil Blomkamp should direct Halo with Peter Jackson in the Producer's seat.  District 9 was an amazing project with some great characters, while Peter Jackson likes to create epic worlds and stories, Neil knows how to create stories within those big worlds.  I'd love to sit back and watch a project with these two.

Happy 92nd Birthday Stan Lee! (Article) - 12/28/2014 7:48:03 PM

 Thanks for all the great entertainment.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

NEW Terminator Genisys Poster (Article) - 12/27/2014 9:49:27 AM

I like my caption better:  "Let's do it all over again!"  (In my best Joe Cocker voice)

Star Trek 3 Lands Director (Article) - 12/27/2014 9:48:07 AM

 I'm checking out Justin Lin's past projects and yes, he's definitely revived The Fast and the Furious and made sense of a story that was going nowhere fast.  If he can find that magical place between action and exploration in Star Trek, he could find that the audience will mostly enjoy his work.

P.S.  Can we have the Enterprise race the Kingons and Romulans across the neutral zones for 1/4 of a light year please?

Star Trek 3 Lands Director (Article) - 12/23/2014 12:52:33 PM

 Now that's thinking outside the box!  I hope he's ready to get a sci-fi bashing. No matter how great Star Trek is, you'll never get more praise than grief!  GOOD LUCK!!!

Walking Dead Cobalt Update (Article) - 12/17/2014 7:56:10 AM

 It'd be more interesting if this was a completely new project, not related to the Walking Dead and we didn't know what they were creating.  I expect to see that CDC guy from season one that told Rick that everyone was infected.  Anyway, it'll be interesting enough to watch if the characters are the types we love to hate and hate to love.  So, rock on!

Spider-Man's Cinematic Future (Article) - 12/13/2014 10:30:57 PM

 Sure. Let's just ditch a great actor because he was good.  SMH.  Is this another reboot or will it be The Amazing Spiderman 3 with a new actor as Peter Parker?  I think that's kind of like replacing Bruce WIllis as John Maclaine.  Bad idea.

Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange (Article) - 12/4/2014 8:29:01 PM

 This guy's never going home.  NICE!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer! (Article) - 11/28/2014 7:23:32 PM

 Someone get me more paper towels!  The drool keeps on drippin'


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