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You don't know Jack

June 11, 2007

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So, here we are at the end of the trilogy and what do I think?  BRILLIANT!!!  This movie just proves that if you think you know what he's capable of, you don't know JACK!  two hours and 45 minutes later, I found myself asking for more!  Why was that?  The characters had closure in that there destiny's were either fulfilled or revealed.  The ending was great!  The action blew me away.  With effects that would have made Kubrick and Cameron drool.

So, how many different stories did we have going on in this one movie?  PLENTY.  Barbossa wanted the pirates to align and fight.  Jack wanted...  Well...  The Pearl.  Will Turner?  Elizabeth and to free his father...  Elizabeth wants Will, not Jack...  Will Turner, and the minor characters all have their own VERY CLEAR motives from everything they do.

What creates every single action is the result of a move that each character takes toward his own goal.  One move changes things for another character, drastically, and so the other character must make a move that changes the next.  Kinda like all being tied to the same rock and each person wants to go his own way.

The outcome culminates in a spectacular battle sequence that goes the Disney Theme Park Ride way and somehow translates on film.  Perhaps it's just that the movie fits the rediculousness of the action.

In any case, a good sollid B+ is what's needed here.  My biggest complaint is the entrance of the characters.  Including Barbossa and Jack.  Jack's was quirky enough alright, but what could match his entrance in episode one and two?  His nose?  Not that!  And Barbossa could definitely have had a bigger, better entrance.  Oddly enough for me, Will Turner's entrance, although grim, was the best here.  Bloody Pirates!

So, with only that much to go "blah" about, I will leave this opinion with my seal of approval.

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