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September 10, 2008

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In the spirit of The X-Files, this show's use of dark and light have combined to create something very alluring.  In this opening episode, two agents discover a real nightmare, when one of them is incopacitated by something that causes his skin to become transparent.  The longer he goes untreated, the closer to death he gets.

Anna Torv is an FBI agent, Olivia Dunham, and partner to the incopacitated man.  She seeks out the help of Peter Bishop, played by Joshua Jackson, son of a brilliant scientist, Walter, who has been checked into a mental ward.

Peter is the only one who can sign out his father and does so, under the threat of uncovering his not-so-heroic past.  As the story unfolds, Walter uses what is known as FRINGE SCIENCE to help discover a cure for what is ailing the ever more transparent downed agent.

J.J. Abrahms is best known for his credits in Alias and Lost and maybe even a little action movie called Mission Impossible III.  He is also directing the future release of Star Trek.  He has taken everything he's embodied and attempted to make a TV show, in which the lines between big screen movies and TV could collide.  The episode continued to make every word and every action count, instead of just rambling on with useless dialogue that definitely works for other shows.  Does it work?  Well, YES and NO.

Yes, it works because it doesn't slow down the story in any way.  No, since this is TV, we're used to the useless dialog, as long as it's entertaining.  Hey, ER has been on HOW LONG?  I rest my case.

The thing about this script and the choice of actors is that I felt like, even though this was a reinvention of The X-Files, it was fresh and it had a life of its own.  The characters were believeable, especially our emotion driven FBI lead, who was quite convincing.  And yes...  Even Joshua Jackson, who finally looked like he wasn't acting, but just being casual, which is really good for him.  I liked his character a lot in this one.

No folks, this one ain't perfect, but it's very good if you like the FOX television way of doing things action-like.  It will be interesting to see where the story leads as the characters develop in future episodes.

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