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Full House for Casino Royale

May 08, 2007

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Daniel Craig was not the perfect choice for the role as the sleek and, dare I say it, sexy James Bond.  SO, The writers and directors of this installment did something they haven't done in a long long time.  They made Bond gritty and dangerous as hell.  With his own charm and outstanding need for absolutely nothing at all.  This Daniel Craig version of James Bond seems to only have one thing in mind...  His totally unauthorized mission.  He can't help it.  It's in his nature, and M(played by Judy Dench), has no choice but to recognize it, even through his brash and amazingly gritty actions.

So, does this work?  The answer is, of course, going to be mixed.  In my opinion, the answer is an outstanding YES!  Craig is the centerpiece and takes full control of this adventure.  The obscure, but very well planned, action sequences continually add to the character's increasingly dangerous committment to get things done in a killer manner.  This is the way the 007 code used to be, and it's the way it should be.  While his predecessor was sleek and bold, he wasn't dangerous or unpredictable.  Craig is.  There's no telling what he will do.

There is also a gut wrenching and absolutely amazing and funny sequence in which Craig is subjected to what every MALE on earth will call the ultimate torture.  What Craig and the writers have done with James Bond in this sequence is show daring, and actual toughness, and best of all, with the way Bond has gone about his dealings(pardon the pun) his reaction to the torture is completely believable and also incredibley, yet gut wrenchingly funny!

With this well patented script seeing an uneven, but satisfying pace that sometimes leave you wondering, what's going on, the full package is something you realize is all about fun with James Bond, and the 007 code.  That which was lost is now found again.

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