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July 13, 2008

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Guillermo Del Toro's imagination springs to life in one of the biggest movies of the summer. Stemming from the first movie, which wasn't supposed to be good at all, it would not have come as a surprise whether or not this movie was great or just a load of crap.

Fortunately, Del Toro has managed to put together ANOTHER well tempered and sculpted movie, which touches a human side in a world filled with odd creatures.

This is the story of HELLBOY, who we first see as the not so smart, but very intelligent(you'll figure that out if you watch), teenager. He is growing up and hearing the story of The Golden Army from his father, the now late Professor Broom. Believing this story to be nothing more than a fairy tale, Hellboy grows up to be a paranormal crime fighter and a BIG RED ONE at that.

He and Liz Sherman(Selma Blair) are together, following the events of the first movie. They are first seen in a raging arguement while Abe(Doug Jones) and Paranormal Crime Fighting Leader Manning(Jeffrey Tambor) try to control their own situations. Hellboy is none too careful in protecting the secret of their identity, and Manning has to suffer for it.

When things get really out of hand, and the team is nearly eaten alive by tiny creatures called "tooth fairies", Hellboy is throw out into the public eye in full force. This action motivates "Washington" to send Johann Kraus(voiced by Seth Macfarline and played by John Alexander). He is Hellboy's personal oversight committee. The ghastly Kraus is a controlling vapor entrapped in a large mechanical suit and seems to be a very smart, if too proper, baby sitter for Hellboy. They have their skirmishes, but in the end, the team: Liz, Abe, Kraus, and Hellboy pull together to discover that a former Prince, Nuala, is tracking down his sister of the same name, who holds the secret location to The Golden Army, and the means to control it all. Abe, who has fallen for Princess Nuala, also discovers another secret that will lock the lives of Hellboy and Liz together forever.

Once again, Del Toro manages to craft his way into an often delightful and very intense story that only gets better with every second that passes. It's filled with beautiful imagery and this time it combines every great element of the first movie with everything spectacular from his other films, especially Pan's Labrinth and the movie to which this bares a striking resemblence, Blade 2. Every aspect of the film is perfectly tempered. It's not rushed. It's not slow. It's funny. It's action packed. It's serious. It's beautiful. Aesthetically pleasing to every sense. It's very well written and directed. The execution of it is nearly flawless. Any sci-fi nut can nit-pick this movie to death, but when you watch it for entertainment, there is no doubt. The big clumbsy red guy is something to be marvelled.

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