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August 19, 2008

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Whoever put it in the minds of the Stargate producers to go direct to DVD with these features(The Ark of Truth and Continuum) was a real genius.  Realizing that the potential of the series has reached its peak and not pressing their luck with what would probably be a successful feature film in the movie cinema realm, the creative team behind Stargate elects to move into a format that seems to best suit its audience.  Afterall, this was a TV show, right?

Richard Dead Anderson rejoins his gallant squad of heroes, Mitchell, Jackson, Carter, and  through the Stargate on a mission to exchange and witness the execution of Bal, the never-ending pain in SG-1's backsides.  Bal has other plans.  During his execution, his plan is set in motion.  Members of SG-1 start to disappear before their eyes.  In fact, entire portions of the distant planet start to disappear around them and O'Neill is killed by Bal.  Following his last order, Mitchell, Carter, and Jaskon escape through the Stargate.  however, when they emerge on the other side, they find themselves trapped in the cargohold of a 70 year old freighter which was carrying the original Stargate from Africa to America, but which didn't make it.  What's worse is that the team discovers Bal has travelled to Earth of the past and stopped the installation of the Stargate.  Mitchell, Carter, and Jackson find themselves in a parallel universe where the people they knew still exist, but are not the same because they haven't experienced the life they had in their own universe.  When they present the evidence of where they actually come from, they are stripped of their ranks and separated for a long time.

When Bal arrives in orbit, his plan's final move is set in motion.  Without SG-1 or the Stargate, no one will be able to survive the type of assault he can unleash on Earth.  As the events completely unfold, it falls on our heroes to stop, not only Bal, but former Comrads, who in this universe are foes...  Including Teal'c and Valla.

Martin Wood has put together a very cohesive and adventurous quest for SG-1.  Their is a true sense that the show has moved beyond it's TV format and is reaching for something higher.  What Stargate Continuum doesn't do is make things so collosal that it jumps out of the Stargate reality.  Instead, the characters show life and energy in an equally energetic and well scripted story.


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