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July 03, 2007

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Wehn the opening credits started, it was like Rememberance Day(Memorial Day) for my Non-Canadian friends.  I remembered the comics books and cartoons I read as a kid and I was thinking.  FINALLY!  They made a live-action movie for this.

The opening credits ended and what happened after was PURE KICK-ASS Entertainment at its highest.  This is not just some lame attempt at movie-making.  This was high adreneline impact with a clear vision and a well produced story line that ties up the loose ends that it sets up from beginning to end.

With other summer sequels leaving  hints or even HEAPING LOADS of disappointment, Transformers comes in as the movie that blows right past the expectations and delves into something beyond anything that Transformers was thought to be.  This IS the best summer movie.  It's not the best acting, but the acting is good.  Shia Labeuf delivers so much energy into this, I thought he was doomed to faint.  Our leading lady was not only HOTTERTHAN FIRE, she had something very energetic to her.  She gave us more than others would.

So, what's the story?  Without spoiling anything, Transformers is the robot's quest for a mechaism of ultimate power and the creation of all Cybertron.  When the robots discover that it is on Earth, they wage all out war.  We, the humans, are simply in the way.  All except for one computer/history whiz, who seems to hold some kind of key to finding the cubed mechanism.  This history buff is taken to purchase his first vehicle, which turns out to not only be a vehicle of "Knight Rider" proportions, but which turns out to be the first of several other Autobots that have come to stop the Decepticons from destroying and/or enslaving Humanity.

What the writers and Michael Bay do for these characters is brilliant!  Add charater without pushing complexity!  These are regular people with a backstory we don't have to hear about.  It's not the "I lost my parents when i was 5" to generate sympathy.  These characters don't want or need it.

As for the story/plot.  Keep it simple stupid is the key.  With all the action going on, it would be easy to lose your place, but Michael Bay keeps it to its very focused point.  FIND THE CUBE!!!

For about the last 45 minutes of this film, Transformers does what this movie needs most.  An all-out robot battle involving all aspects of the film.  Humans, Robots, Cubes, and Megatron!

Spiderman, Pirates, and Harry have taken a backseat next to my want/need to see this flick over and over and over again.  With it's 2.5 hour running time, there's enough entertainment to cover 4 films!  So Transform your senses and realize the best film of the summer is RIGHT HERE.


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