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High School of the Dead Anime On Hulu

Zombies and boobs, oh my

By Chris Beveridge     January 31, 2011

High School of the Dead
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One of the more popular shows of 2010, and one that ranked quite high on our best simulcast of 2010 list, from The Anime Network and Sentai Filmworks is now available on Hulu. And it's one that really is surprising to see there with Highschool of the Dead considering it's bloody ways and the amount of fanservice and sexual appeal. Even more amusing is that they don't perform an age verification for it, a show that needs it (even though it's a pointless click) whereas they do for a show like Hetalia.

Regardless, if you need your zombie fix and didn't want to pony up when The Anime Network charged for it or missed it when they offered it for free during Christmas, now's your chance to watch it - and watch it on numerous devices if you have Hulu Plus.

The Anime Network has several titles on Hulu including Xam'd, Best Student Council and Princess Tutu.

Plot summary: From Director Tetsuro Araki (Deathnote, Black Lagoon), and adapted from the highly successful manga of the same name by Daisuke Sato, comes one of the hottest new shows of the Summer, High School of the Dead. A deadly new disease is ravaging the world, turning the populace into mindless zombies, and the number of infected is skyrocketing by the second.




Season:Episode Title Icon-cc Runtime Air Date User Rating Queue
1 : 1 Spring of the Dead   25:18 10/14/2010
1 : 2 Escape from the Dead   25:18 10/21/2010
1 : 3 Democracy Under the Dead   25:24 10/28/2010
1 : 4 Running in the Dead   25:17 11/04/2010
1 : 5 Streets of the Dead   25:23 11/11/2010
1 : 6 In the Dead of the Night   25:21 11/18/2010
1 : 7 Dead Night and the Dead Ruck   25:20 11/25/2010
1 : 8 The Dead Way Home   25:19 12/02/2010
1 : 9 The Sword and Dead   25:16 12/09/2010
1 : 10 The Dead's House Rules   25:20 12/16/2010
1 : 11 Dead Storm Rising   25:19 12/23/2010
1 : 12 All Dead's Attack   25:22 12/30/2010

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Calibur454 1/31/2011 6:13:04 PM

oh hell yea- I have been wondering if it would hit on hulu or crunchyroll. Now I can check it out before i buy. I'm sure I will though I have always liked the dark stuff from the anime world- Death note- Hellsing and the like- thats not to say that I dont like the comedy either- Negima Genshiken Flcl and so on

analogseiya 2/3/2011 1:30:28 PM

This is definitely NOT available on Hulu Plus, and definitely NOT viewable on any non-PC devices, or in HD.

Which is too bad, I got excited for a minute there.



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