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High School of the Dead Served Up From The Anime Network

Twelve days of the dead

By Chris Beveridge     December 14, 2010

High School of the Dead
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While the country may be buzzing about that live action show about the undead, The Walking Dead, anime fans got treated to an undead series this year as well with High School of the Dead, courtesy of The Anime Network. The show had its first couple of episodes available for registered users, but once past that you had to be a paying member to see the rest of it. Well, the folks at The Anime Network knows nothing goes better with Christmas than sex and violence so they're offering up an episode a day for twelve days until the whole series is available for registered users, but just through the holidays. And it all starts today with the first episode back on the calendar to check out with it all ending on Christmas day.

So if you missed out the first time around and you're itching for that DVD or Blu-ray release that's happening in 2011, this may just be the thing to tide you over.

High School of the Dead 12 Day Schedule Spectacular!
On the 1st day... EPISODE 1: Spring of the DEAD
On the 2nd day... EPISODE 2: Escape From the DEAD
On the 3rd day... EPISODE 3: Democracy Under the DEAD
On the 4th day... EPISODE 4: Running in the DEAD
On the 5th day... EPISODE 5: Streets of the DEAD
On the 6th day... EPISODE 6: In the DEAD of the Night
On the 7th day... EPISODE 7: DEAD Night and the DEAD ruck
On the 8th day... EPISODE 8: The DEAD Way Home
On the 9th day... EPISODE 9: The Sword and Dead
On the 10th day... EPISODE 10: The DEAD's House Rules
On the 11th day... EPISODE 11: DEAD Storm Rising
On the 12th day... EPISODE 12: All DEAD's Attack CHRISTMAS DAY!

Check it all out here!



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