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A high-res look at that PUNISHER WAR ZONE poster

Lenticular poster with handgun frame in theaters now

By Rob M. Worley     October 08, 2008

Artwork for the Punisher War Zone Lenticular poster/frame, appearing in theaters October 2008
© Lionsgate

Lionsgate sent over a high-rest image displaying the artwork for the 'Punisher War Zone' lenticular poster, arriving in theaters this week. The poster rests in has a 3-D framework made up of the film avenger's aresenal.

It's kind of like one of those Jesus pictures except his eyes and his guns follow you everywhere.

Click the thumbnail for a close up look.


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Wiseguy 10/8/2008 9:11:22 AM
Much better
KingOfMelnibone 10/8/2008 9:13:25 AM
I call BS. His eyes and guns don't follow me everywhere.
robbo 10/8/2008 10:52:29 AM
Jesus'? Or The Punisher's?
muchdrama1 10/8/2008 6:36:16 PM
Eh. Not that affecting. I'd prefer something with Castle just standing there...armed to the teeth and looking menacing. Something more close up.
evilbeagle 10/9/2008 5:05:19 AM
It's cool. I dig it.
evilbeagle 10/9/2008 5:06:02 AM
It's as if the poster is trying to tell the adience, "Beware, this movie has a lot of tears, drama, and lovemaking"
blackshogun420ninja 10/9/2008 5:16:19 PM
Max Payne ain't shit..War Zone should prove that Payne should've been R...


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