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snallygaster 9/13/2006 3:24:08 PM
I wouldn't be surprised if the B&W aspect of Astroboy is what killed it in US syndication. I'm old enough to recall most of the early syndicated anime, but Astroboy was not among them in the late 60s/early 70s, at least not on my local stations. By that point, all the cartoons they aired were in color, and I'm guessing the station execs who made those decisions probably nixed any B&W cartoons. By the same token, they didn't air the B&W Gigantor either (and I'm currently having a blast discovering Gigantor in the wee hours of Adult Swim). Does anybody else remember "Marine Boy" about the boy hero who chewed "oxygum" so he could breathe underwater? I recall a mermaid in that series as well. It was aired with the other early anime series, but I seem to be the only one who remembers that show. There seems to be very little about it on the web for that matter (brief entries in wikipedia and IMDB). I'm surprised to see that Starblazers was originally aired in Japan in 1974. While it's obvious it was aired in the US after the success of Star Wars, I had always figured that it wasn't even produced until Star Wars (like so many other space operas that were greenlit in its wake).
segascream 9/13/2006 7:48:29 PM
Great column, and vital information...it's nice to finally have someone giving some history on the culture, especially for those of us who had to bring ourselves up (e.g. my first experiences were Voltron and Robotech, and I got into Speed Racer at the time most Otaku get into Dragonball). Something I would like to see, though, is a column or two exploring various aspects of the culture that maybe aren't apparent to (what my friend once termed) "Fat-aku" (the stereotypical geekdom who honestly believe that procuring a projector and showing their 35mm print of 'Akira' is their greatest hope for finding life-long love); for instance, why dubbing (even professional) is looked down upon by those obsess over subs; what is the "proper" title for an anime - the original Japanese, the direct English translation, or (where applicable) the English title provided by the original studio (i.e. Evangelion); what is the history of fan service, and more to the point, why is a nose-bleed anime shorthand for arousal?


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