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HIT List!

9/5/2008 2:15:56 PM permalink

[youtube]gc2mbfilFFs[/youtube] HIT 1) BAM!
Thrillingly - Grant Morrison and Philip Bond's KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND is coming back into print. Is this because of my blog and youtube video? I have to assume that it is. Thanks to the tiny, tiny handful of people who supported me in wanting to see this book coming back into print. I look forward to stocking a few dozen copies on my shelf, and forcing them down the throat of everybody who dares ask me "what's good?" HIT 2) POW!
Lots of talk about that new Nick Cage movie, "Kick-Ass" and the comic it's based on. Lots of talk about how realistic it is. Just for the record... Kick-Ass is not realistic. Everybody keeps saying it's a "realistic" look at super-heroes. It's not. It's a CONTEMPORARY look at superheroes. Youtube and cell-phone video technology are functional parts of the plot. However, seeing as a small, weak child is beaten, stabbed, and run-over by a car in the first issue, and is up and running without a single scar in the second issue, I don't think you can say it's "realistic." There's a little girl with the upper body strength to drive a sword through a man. Even if a sword is super-sharp, that's not easy to do. Nevertheless, I'm not ragging on the book - I read it, though mostly just to examine the similarities between it and my own book (I too have little kids going through the rough part of town and into dilapidated apartment buildings to violently kick the crap out of easy-going video-game-playing pimps). Hollywood: Please stop calling Kick-Ass realistic. Call it a "contemporary superhero story" and you'll be on the right path. HIT 3) BIFF!
So, there was a bit of a rumor out there about a live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie? Thank god that turned out to just be a rumor. Man, I just re-watched the live action one a while ago, and yeah, it's cute. But do I really want to see another sequel, a remake, or god help us, a retelling of the stupid origin story? No. No, I do not. From a TMNT movie I would like to see more smooth computer graphics. More freerunning across the city. More individual personality from the boys. Larger extended fight scenes. I'd like to see some shit that you could use to make some really good AMVs, you know? I want to see youtube full of video clips of ninja turtles running around and busting in ninja-heads, set to the Beastie Boys and RUN-DMC. HIT 3.5) SOCK! Somewhere else at there's some real debates going on about Eastman & Laird's TMNT, and whether or not the Turtles are "for kids". Now, I'm coming down on this issue as a hard-core life-time Turtles fan, as all us assholes like to. Nevertheless, I own the original shit, OK? I know what it is. I've read the biographies on Eastman & Laird, the behind the scenes books, the Usagi Yojimbo crossovers, the very excellent "Art Of" book, and Peter Laird's Blog. And I just want to say: The Turtles are for kids - of all ages. I know they're covered in blood, and they say damn. That can't possibly be for kids, right? Well, I was 10 when I started reading Eastman & Laird's TMNT, and I loved it as much then as I do now. To say that these aren't kid's books is an insult to me and the hundreds and thousands of children who loved those characters. Of course they're kid's books. Just like Bone is a kid's comic, and Star War's is a series of kids' movies. Some of the greatest fiction of our age is made "for kids", and I think it's a real shame that we have to equate kids to "stupid fucking morons." Kids are smart. Just as smart as you or I. You can't condescend to them, and you can't lie to them. They'll figure your ass out. Anyway. TURTLE POWER! HIT 4) SPORK! I've been watching the footage for DC Universe On-Line, and I gotta say, it looks really interesting! If you're not familiar with the game - It's a microverse of the DC Universe, where you get to create your own character, and interact the DCU, and all the other fans who've purchased the equipment. I'm seriously starting to wonder if this isn't the future of these characters. I have to admit that I'm way more interested in interacting with Superman in a virtual environment, than I am in reading Superman comics. Of course, I'm even more interested in becoming a super-villain and kicking the crap out of the heroes, but that's neither here nor there until they reveal whether or not the game will get released for Macs. I'd love to see DCO get all meta too. Have a plot where Grant Morrison assumes control over the game's reality for a month, forcing the heroes to take up arms against his drug-induced madness. [youtube]qa791GlDBeI[/youtube] Go to youtube to watch it in HIGH QUALITY!

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