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THE HOBBIT looking more and more likely

Director Peter Jackson finally acknowledges he wants to make the movie

By Patrick Sauriol     December 01, 2003
Source: News Interactive, Sci Fi Wire

The man with the master plan, director Peter Jackson at the FELLOWSHIP premiere in L.A.
© 2001 Sue Schneider
What a difference five years and three movies can make.

Before director Peter Jackson began filming his LORD OF THE RINGS movies in earnest, he was asked what the likelihood would be of also making a live-action adaptation of THE HOBBIT, J.R.R. Tolkien's prequel to the trilogy. At the time Jackson wasn't interested, instead preferring that if a film were to be made of THE HOBBIT it would be better suited for someone else to make.

Now it seems that Jackson has started to warm up to the idea. Speaking with News Interactive (and reported via Sci Fi Wire), Jackson has officially gone on the record and said that he wants to do the movie. "Certainly if they want to talk to me about it, I'd be keen. It would be wonderful to complete the set of films," the director told the news service.

Nevertheless, before Jackson could begin work on THE HOBBIT he's now committed to make the remake of KING KONG for Universal Pictures. That film is gearing up for photography next year, with a 2005 release targeted. If a deal is struck for Jackson to make THE HOBBIT it will be at least three years in our future, if not four or five.

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