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mdschultz73 7/31/2012 9:16:25 AM

 Fun Fact: The music that was used for the recent Man of Steel teaser can be found in The Fellowship of the Ring...The Bridge of Khazad Dum, about 4:30 into the song. It's when Gandalf falls into the pit.

jedibanner 7/31/2012 9:43:22 AM

I sent that scoop yesterday morning at Mania and it only gets announced today???

I'm a bit disapointed here...

I don't mind a trilogy since the material is there so, why not.

violator14 7/31/2012 10:07:14 AM

Why the hell are u guys complaining about being able to see more hours of this universe from the academy award director?? I'd see it if they expanded it to a 10 series HBO premiere for fck's sake.

for example, what if Avengers was only a 2 hour movie, and they had cut out scenes like the Hulk and Thor taking out that dragon, and then having Hulk sucker punching Thor at the end of it? We would have missed a golden scene!!!

 How many more LOTR's movies do u think Peter Jackson is gonna make in our lifetime?? This is the last LOTR trilogy we'll get so, so stop biching and cherish these films were about to get!!! And if you think were gonna get crap from Peter Jackson / Weta/ actors, just cuz they're adding a few more hours into the story you're an idiot.

momitchell7 7/31/2012 10:16:53 AM

Hmm, not so sure about this. Did anyone else see PJ's "epic" King Kong? It was easily an entire hour too long...

My gut's telling me that this is a bad idea...

DarthBob 7/31/2012 10:20:51 AM

"Cash grab" (*eyes rolling). Anything capitalistic in nature is forbidden these days because it creates real jobs and a tax base. Good for PJ to seize upon an opportunity to further an incredible story while making some bank at the same time!

makabriel 7/31/2012 10:54:16 AM

The 3D complainers are straw men arguments thesse das, especially since they are nothing compared to IMAX, and other premium theatres these days.  You can see a movie from anywhere between $3.50 to $30 a seat these days and all of them not in 3D.

jedibanner 7/31/2012 11:18:01 AM

The complain isn't the 3D itself makabriel, it's the way it's always pushed and shoved in our throats the issue.

And the fact theatres and tv's and games in 3D aren't selling that much.

Or the fact that they put 10 screens of the Avengers in 3D and only 2 in 2D (no no...that's not shoving it down our throats...NOT!!).

If they were pushing the IMAX aspect of things, THAT would be great since it would really change the aspect of movies but 3D....get over it.

ElBaz13 7/31/2012 11:39:39 AM

agree jedibanner

I've had a few instances of taking the family of four and stuck in 3D because there were no 2D showings. Family of 4 and that's an extra $12 added to your night. No thanks.

As I mentionned before, I'm 3D blind so essentially, I'm paying an extra $3 a movie to wear sunglasses in it. Not fun at all.


redhairs99 7/31/2012 11:41:15 AM

You don't always have a choice for 2D or 3D.  I've been to several theaters in my area where they've only had the movie in 3D.  I'm not a big fan of 3D, but I will see certain flicks in 3D (Hobbit being one of those that I will).  Last year's Conan movie is a prime example.  I ended up not seeing it until redbox, but I tried to go a couple weeks after it's release and the 3D version was the only version showing near me.  I definitely didn't want to shell out the extra cash for 3D on that one and I'm glad I didn't.  That movie sucked!  Thankfully, I got it for free on RedBox.

BTW, how did this thread become about 3D V. 2D?

makabriel 7/31/2012 11:57:25 AM

That I can understand, though I don't have that problem in my area.  Generally it's one 3d, 1 Imax and a couple of normal viewings.

It's the "3d is inflating the numbers" argument I was referring to..


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