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flyinroo 7/31/2012 12:49:23 PM

 Considering that the Hobbit lends itself to 2 movies in my opinion, and then add in the 125 pages of Tolkein's notes, I'm not sure why people think 3 movies is a stretch. I mean 125 pages of notes! Any of you who have written knows that when you make notes, it generally encompasses the imoportant points you want to make. I have to believe that there is quite enough information from that many notes to easily create enough story for another movie. I know the notes were being used to make the Hobbit into 2 movies already, But I am sure there is plenty there to make this trilogy work.

saxx76 7/31/2012 12:50:43 PM

 Money grab? Certainly! Content from JRRT not in "The Hobbit", but can be tied into the story available? You bet! 

isgrimner 7/31/2012 1:14:12 PM

The Hobbit on its own could stand on its own and make a fine film. The extra notes and Book of Lost Tales content, could not really be translated to film on its own. So I expect we will get a disjointed group of three films that doesn't have the charm that a Hobbit film would on its own.

I read The Book of Lost Tales and Similrillion back in my teens after I finished the Hobbit and the triology and really they just didn't stay with me like the main stories. I would have really liked to have a Hobbit movie the way I read it originally. I'll still watch them, except I'll be renting the Blu Ray or DVD rather than going to the theater. I don't know for certain if its a cash grab, but I wouldn't be surprised.

momitchell7 7/31/2012 1:29:37 PM

Flyin... the notes that are left out (cutting room floor) are usually what the writer deems as not entirely necessary to the story and are not worth keeping in. That's the stuff that usually make a story loooonger than it needs to be.

Just a note, I have no problem at all with PJ and the studios making money, I just don't want them doing it solely for the intent of making money - the story has to be worthy and make sense. 

It seems the decision has been made, so we'll see!

BunyonSnipe 7/31/2012 3:05:02 PM


For a 75 year old book...




Just explaining how Sauron becomes the Necromancer would take at least a whole act if not an entire movie in itself!

flinshadytoo 7/31/2012 3:06:41 PM

 I love The Hobbit don't get me wrong, love it, It"s a easier story to digest than the LOTRs, and I believe that Peter Jackson's intentions are noble, he's an obsessive filmaker, and they will be fantastic movies no doubt, but I still think it will stink to wait 2 years for the completion of the story. Also in UK terms it will cost about £50 to see the whole thing, I better start saving if I wanna thake the Missus as well....


ddiaz28 7/31/2012 3:31:54 PM

mommitchell7 ... in his press release Jackson specifically states they are doing it because they wanted to "tell more of the tale"  That's why I keep wondering why people keep saying it's just for the money.  Clearly it's not.  It's Peter, Fran, and Philippa's artistic vision for the story that is informing the decision to make a third film and not just money. 

SarcasticCaveman 7/31/2012 4:11:39 PM


Really?  That's why you're having an issue with this?  Are you mad they want to make money, or are you mad that it's getting increasingly more difficult to pirate movies online?  I wonder how many of those here who are complaining about 3 movies to expand the story were upset that Tom Bombadil was left out of Lord of the Rings?

As for the 3D, I'm actually looking forward to it, in this case.  I understand why people don't care for 3D when a film is converted (Thor, Captain America, Harry Potter, etc.), but The Hobbit movies are being filmed in 3D...for as much as I hate it, Avatar was very pretty to watch because it also was filmed in 3D.

Can't wait to see Middle Earth virtually coming out of the movie screen.

wish 7/31/2012 5:12:47 PM

haha SC, nice

I can't believe some you, if you werent' saying something negative you wouldn't be saying anything at all!!

How is it that you could think Peter Jackson is anything but a seriously passionate filmaker?  How can you think he hasn't done everything possible to make the whole experience of film creation as cool as possible for the fans?!?!?  I'm in agreement with the smarter people here, PJ can make as many middle-earth films he wants and I'd pay him in advance if I could!!

I'm always unpleasantly surprised to see some of the negative backlash on this site regarding things I thought for sure an intelligent and passionate group of people would be excited about, I'm all for different opinions and such but some of you really just need to lighten up and enjoy as much as you can.

I for one have read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy and almost every book can be made into many, many films, I mean, isn't the most common explanation for why a book is so much better than a film adaptation is because of the story development and details that time-contraints always prevent the film from having? 

Cheer up buttholes! It's Peter Jackson and Middle Earth!   Let it fecking ride!!!!!

FerretJohn 7/31/2012 5:19:24 PM

Is it my imagination or are there three times as many people griping about the people who gripe about studios greed than there are people griping about the studios greed?  Could be four times as many, possibly more.  This conversation has gotten boring, let it go.

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