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Holiday Season is Coming Soon

We take a look at our anticipated games for the end of the year

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     October 03, 2003

Last week, the Gamers' Thumb featured a new style of column where both Troy and James would comment on a topic, presenting similar or maybe different views. The comments we received on the column were in favor of the new style so we have decided to stick with it for a while. This week, we are discussing anticipated holiday games.

"I really like the look for Sony's lineup for Christmas. Games like JAK II, SOCOM II,  and RATCHET AND CLANK: GOING COMMANDO are going to be high on my list of games that I really want to play through. FINAL FANTASY X-2 hits the PS2 in early December and should be a hit. I'm also looking forward to MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH!! EA's THE RETURN OF THE KING should be awesome with its online cooperative play. The Game Boy Advance even has a great title in the RPG MARIO AND LUIGI. And if we're really lucky, we'll see HALF-LIFE 2." - James

"Even though it comes out next week, I'm really waiting on VIEWTIFUL JOE. Also later this month is FINAL FANTASY XI. While I've got the beta version of the game, I just haven't been able to get into it (call it still being hooked on GALAXIES), but I really do anticipate being able to plunge into the game. In November, I really like what I'm seeing from LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN OF THE KING from EA. I loved THE TWO TOWERS when it was released last year, and while the game wasn't really long, it was challenging in more than a few parts. WAR OF THE RING from Black Label Games looks awesome as well. SWORD OF MANA for the Game Boy Advance looks very cool, as does KARAOKE REVOLUTION. Oh, and I almost forgot about the GameCube version of LEGEND OF ZELDA: THE FOUR SWORDS." Troy


The source code for HALF-LIFE 2 has been leaked onto the internet due to a hacker that inflitrated Valve Software's network... Nintendo GameCube sales have quadrupled since the price drop and Nintendo is beginning a new "Who Are You?" marketing campaign... P.O.D. will release it's new album, along with a PlayStation 2 disc with the song Space on it that can be played in a game of AMPLITUDE, there will also be behind the scenes video of the band...



I say the game of the week has to be VIEWTIFUL JOE. The game looks really challenging and looks to be a lot of fun for gamers. Also coming out this week is TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX 3: ATHENA SWORD from Ubi Soft and CONFLICT DESERT STORM II: BACK TO BAGHDAD from Gotham Games. Both titles are for the PC.

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