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Hollywood Eyes Foot Soldiers

By Rob M. Worley     September 25, 2002

Comic creatorJim Krueger (Earth X) told Comics2Film that Hollywood isstill showing interest in his Foot Soldiers comic.

Previouslyproducer Michael Uslan (Batman and various CrossGen projects) hadbeen working to get the comic set up as a movie. Krueger tells us that Uslan'soption on the property ran out. "I remain good friends with Mike."

Krueger couldn'tgive us any additional information on a Foot Soldiers other thanto say there are things happening with it. Krueger had written a script for thecomic when it was in development with Uslan.

Krueger alsosaid there is "real interest" in his Alphabet Supescomic. That one was a whimsical concept involving a legion of letter-themedheroes who could act in various combinations to spell out unique super-powers.

A new volume oftrade paperback collecting previous Foot Soldiers comics is dueout from AiT/Planet Lar next month.


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