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Hollywood Eyes Vanishers For TV

By Rob M. Worley     November 13, 2002

Beau Smith,manly man and vice president of sales for IDW Publishing, told Comics2Filmthat Hollywood currently eying a few IDW titles.

The upstartpublisher recently reprinted Chuck Dixon's graphic novel The Vanishers.The comic tells the tale of Andy, a boy whose friends begin to vanish without somuch as a trace. Nobody but Andy even remembers they existed. The boy joinsArvis Volt on a time-travel quest to discover the fate of their missing friends.

Smith tells usthat The Vanishers is generating "very strong" interestas a TV series.

Also recentlyreprinted was Smith's own Wynonna Earp: the adventures of amonster-slaying U.S. Marshall who descended from the legendary Wyatt Earp. Thehigh-concept vehicle has consistently attracted interest and with the graphicnovel back on the shelves that interest has been renewed.


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