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HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE crime scene photos

Well, maybe not.

By Patrick Sauriol     June 02, 2003
Source: Sony Pictures

Today we've got four snaps of Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford in HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE, their upcoming cop/buddy action flick. You know the drill: a veteran detective has to take a rookie partner under his wing and show him the ropes. This time around the new ingredient to the story is that the new kid can't decide if he really wants to be a cop...or an actor instead.

The picture was directed by Ron Shelton (BULL DURHAM) and it opens June 13. There are absolutely no bullet-time action sequences, CGI clownfish, cyborg assassins sent through time, mutant heroes, tomb raiders or pirates from the caribbean in the film, but it does have two bad boy detectives. Amongst all the other summer blockbusters loaded with special effects, HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE hasn't gotten that much pre-buzz, so we decided to show it some love today and remind you that it's on the radar.

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