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Hollywood Taking Aim At Human Target (Again)

By Rob M. Worley     September 18, 2002

A spokespersonwith Eagle Cove Deluxe Entertainment told Comics2Film that they are atwork developing DC Comics' Human Target as a feature. Thespokesperson for the company revealed that they are "down the road with acouple of writers." However, no additional details were available.

HumanTarget has previously been adapted as a so-so TV series starring RickSpringfield. More recently it was in heavy development with the now-defunctCanton Company as a feature film. And, early last year, screenwriter FrankCappello (Constantine) revealed that he was working on script,although it remains unclear if he was working with the new development effort atEagle Cove, or the prior effort at Canton.

Eagle Cove isalso developing Green Lantern although current efforts have beenlimited to internal conversations. The producers at Eagle Cove have long beenpercolating on this one.


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