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Homemade Comic Book Ideas

By Isaiah     -
Source: Some Homemade Comics


Making your own comic book is a great creative outlet for all ages.Comics do not have to be slickly drawn, larger-than-life tales of good and evil; they can just as easily be handmade, simply illustrated stories of everyday life. Write an engaging story to share with all of your friends, or record a very personal memory as a momento.

Comic Themes and Genres

Decide what sort of comic book you want to make. Homemade comics can be about anything. Some homemade comic book artists tackle traditional comic book genres such as superhero, action/adventure, science fiction and fantasy. Many DIY comic artists, however, prefer to tackle more personal themes. Your comic can be autobiographical, or it can be a fictionalized account of something that happened to you or someone you know.

Making a Story

A homemade comic can be as long or as short as you want to. If you are new to comics, however, you may want to keep it short and simple. Come up with something you can tell in 5 pages or less. After you get a bit more experience, you can work on more complex stories. Your first story could be about a particular day that was important to you, or it could be what happens when two characters meet for the first time.
Don't just start drawing your comic; write it out first. For each panel, describe what the viewer sees (what is actually in the panel) and write out the dialog. If you want, you can draw a simple, rough sketch of each panel to help you visualize it. Writing it out before actually drawing the comic will make it much easier for you to make changes if you don't get it right the first time.

Drawing and Assembling

You don't have to be a great artist to illustrate your own homemade comics. As a matter of fact, a DIY comic can have anything from stick figures to polished, professional art in it. The important thing is to develop a look that feels right for you and go for it. There is also nothing saying that you have to draw the comic yourself. If you have a friend who is a really good artist, consider teaming up.

The simplest and cheapest way to assemble your homemade comics is with a xerox machine - particularly if your comic is black and white. Print out a master copy, then go and run off as many copies as you need. You can then put your comic together with a stapler. You may also want to contact your local independent media center. They may have printers or copy machines available for local artists to use for little or nothing. Alternately, you can publish your comic online. There are plenty of websites which offer free comic hosting to anyone wishing to post their work online.


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