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Hoop Days

Do you have what it takes to win the national championships? Kazuhiko Aikawa does and at 5’8” he can slam the ball with the best of them. But just winning the Nationals isn’t enough for this high school standout. Transferring from his old high school to Mizuho, Kazuhiko is looking for a challenge and wants to take his game to the next level – The problem is…there is no men’s basketball team at Mizuho! Inspired by Kazuhiko’s kills and passion for the game, the remaining Mizuho team members quickly resume practice and together they’ll aim for the Nationals and prove all the doubters wrong!

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Region 1 - North America

Hoop Days Vol. #1 by Bandai Entertainment
Hoop Days Vol. #2 by Bandai Entertainment
Hoop Days: The Complete Collection by Bandai Entertainment

Region 4 - Australia

Hoop Days Complete Collection by Madman Entertainment