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Hopkins confirmed as next Jor-El

Brett Ratner confirms rumors of Hopkins involvement

By Jennifer H. Tomooka     October 22, 2002
Source: Dark Horizons

The folks over at Dark Horizons have received confirmation from SUPERMAN director Brett Ratner (RUSH HOUR 3, RED DRAGON) that Sir Anthony Hopkins (THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER, RED DRAGON) will star as Jor-El, the Man of Steel's Kryptionian father.

According to Ratner, Hopkins signed on two weeks ago, not several months ago, as rumors have suggested.

"He did such a good Brando impression for me, I said I got to get this guy to play the father of Superman," explained Ratner, referring to the original on-screen Jor-El, Marlon Brando.

Ratner also explained that he has yet to consider anyone for the title role, but would like someone who is already well muscled over someone with SPIDER-MAN Tobey Maguire's build.

In response to the criticism he has received over the SUPERMAN script being shared online, Ratner had this to say:

"I trust my instincts...A script is a script. It's not a movie. It's my interpretation of it, and I think they're reading like old drafts or something. I just got the new draft yesterday, That was hand-delivered by, like, a guy with a gun."

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