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Horror film wins PROJECT GREENLIGHT 3 competition

A horrific FEAST will be made shortly

By Patrick Sauriol     July 14, 2004

PROJECT GREENLIGHT 3 is looking for a horror or thriller screenplay and director. Interested?
© Project Greenlight
The next movie to be made under the PROJECT GREENLIGHT banner will truly be a terrifying project -- more specifically, it's a monster movie titled FEAST.

Last evening the winners of the PROJECT GREENLIGHT 3 were announced, and for the first time in the competition's history a horror film was selected for the honor of becoming the next PG movie. The screenplay that won was Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston's FEAST, a monster mash that manages to deliver a scary, never-a-dull-moment action ride while also parodying the spectrum of stereotypical characters and dangerous situations we've seen in countless horror movies before. Treated with the right TLC, FEAST could very well be the next EVIL DEAD 2.

Melton and Dunston's screenplay won over two other finalists: Rick Carr's time travel comedy of errors DOES ANYONE HERE REMEMBER WHEN HANZ GUBENSTEIN INVENTED TIME TRAVEL? and Marshall Moseley's crime caper WILDCARD.

The director that was selected to helm FEAST is John Gulager, an actor/cinematographer who won the gig through the strength of his short film entry.

Wes Craven, the director of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and the SCREAM trilogy, will serve as a producer on FEAST. The legendary horror master will also act as a defacto mentor to the rising talent behind the camera lens.

If you don't mind spoiling yourself about a movie before you see it, you can still download and read the revised draft of FEAST from the PROJECT GREENLIGHT website.

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