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GentlemenDeath 6/10/2007 8:21:57 PM
How old are you Bigiff, 12??? "Crap, because people who go see these movies are crap, courntey love likes crap," WTF are you talking about??? So what if people like this movie?? It seems YOU are the one who probably played with there shit anyways....Yeah shit, not crap....shit! Say it with me, young one....S...H...I..T
drillerkiller2007 6/11/2007 7:42:14 AM
Come off it ppl Hostel one was a great film it was Original somthing that hasn't been done before and was done well, yes the film was a bit twisted but isn't most of the stuff in the news these days. Well i am glad to say i have seen both films and the second is actually better than the first the kills were Original and the way the director lets you get to know the killers a little this time makes the story easier to follow and gave it more of a story.
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