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Hot Japanese WATCHMEN trailer!

Plus: SUPERMAN, SPIDER-MAN, JONAH HEX and more in your Comics2Film 9.1.7

By Rob M. Worley     January 07, 2009
Source: Various

Frame from the WATCHMEN Japanese trailer (slideshow)
© Mania

Fans in Japan get to see a new 'Watchmen' trailer, and so do you! New 'Superman' villain talk hits the web. Josh Brolin things the new 'Jonah Hex' director is "amazing." Finally, 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' gets a new pair of DVD releases.

This is your Comics2Film update for January 7, 2009!



Superbad: Rumors on the villain for the next SUPERMAN movie

The guys at Latino Review have a report from insiders on what exactly may be going on with the new 'Superman' movie.

According to unnamed sources, Warner Bros is taking pitches from writers for a new film that will re-launch the Man of Steel into a compelling franchise.

If true, that rumor alone is interesting for at least two reasons: they're not looking to Bryan Singer for a storyline and they're not looking to Mark Millar for a storyline.

Latino Review has another wrinkle to their report. Allegedly Warner is asking for a pitch that dips into Superman's library of villains. That is they do not want another film that features Lex Luthor. Let's face it. Aren't we all sick of Lex? He's had his chance in four out of the last five movies, not to mention his long run on 'Smallville'. So kudos to Warner for finally recognizing that.

What Super Villain would you most want to see in the next movie? Post your comments below!




Brolin thinks JONAH HEX helmer is "Amazing"

Actor Josh Brolin told MTV Splash Page he's happy with the new 'Jonah Hex' director, Jimmy Hayward. Brolin calls the 'Horton Hears a Who' helmer "amazing". Other words he uses to describe Hayward are "amazing" and also "amazing".

Which is not to diss 'Crank' directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, of whom he also speaks highly. Check it out:


 [LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.




TV reports that, in addition to the upcoming release of Volume 1 of 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' animated series on DVD, Sony has announced plans for The Spectacular Spider-Man - Volume 2: Rise of the Super-Villains! and The Spectacular Spider-Man - Volume 3: The Goblin Strikes! Both are slated to arrive in stores on March 17th.

The site has details and package art.




Hot Japanese WATCHMEN trailer

The folks at have scored the new Japanese language trailer for 'Watchmen'. The new reel is chock-o-block with footage from the film that we haven't seen before.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't read the graphic novel and haven't been reading ever damn thing that's been online, you should know that this trailer contains a glimpse at the climactic scene from the movie and you may want to avoid pressing the play button.




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almostunbiased 1/7/2009 8:23:11 AM

Good trailer for watchman.  If you wouldn't have told me there was something from the climatic scene I wouldn't have known.  Of course I don't speak japanese, so maybe that's why.


xenomorph 1/7/2009 8:30:20 AM

The next Superman movie. Brainiac, Metallo, Doomsday, Darkside. Any one of those villians would be perfect.

ponyboy76 1/7/2009 10:39:56 AM

Cool trailer and all but if I wouldn't have read Watchmen and I saw this, I would think that they are ruining the movie for people who don`t know. They showed alot of important parts. I guess Japanese trailers don't do subtle.

hanso 1/7/2009 3:29:50 PM

Fuck you FOX you pieces of shit!  Watchmen owns son!!

Superman movie sucks balls.  I'm tired of the Superman rumors. I wanna hear some stuff on Green Lantern damn it!

Yo wasn't that chick that directed Punisher rumored to be going after Hex?  Guess the studio saw Punisher, buwahahaha! 

Ponyboy wat up son! 

ashamel 1/7/2009 6:31:54 PM

The best person to beat up Superman is Batman.

FilchX 1/7/2009 11:24:56 PM

Cant wait for Watchmen...I'm with you Hanso, Fuck Fox

2 weeks to Lost, and one week till BSG, soon TV will be worth watching again

Wallace85 1/8/2009 8:41:28 AM


At least they realize that everyone is tired of Lex & I knooow some people don't like Smallville, but at least they're using villains we haven't see used before.Like Brainiac for example which I think Marsters does an excellent job with and now Doomsday which to much surprise looks really good.So for a Superman villain for the movies I think Brainiac should be it & I think Hugo Weaving would make a great Brainiac.Also I think they should do some of the Superman villains  like they did with the Batman villains in the Nolan films like with Zsasz for example so maybe show creepy Toyman or perhaps Parasite.Then for the next one I probably bring in Darseid or Doomsday or maybe both.I also heard that Gene Simmons favorite villain he would love to play is Darkseid which I think could work cause he has the height and that deep voice. I also think they should stick with Routh cause he did do a good job or if Tom was to play him I would be happy with that too, but I doubt it will happen.I think they should continue on where Returns left off but recast Lane cause she is not hot at all or did a good job & kill that kid or make it where he's actually a drone of Brainiac's,or something like that... AND CHANGE that costume especially the belt,the neck collar and red underwear to speedo looking & make the S a little bigger but not like Dean Cain Size.

And I agree with Hanso I want more news on the Hal Jordan/Green Lantern movie.The only thing I know about it is seeing some concept art of it which looks beautiful especially the art of OA ,& this director sounds like he knows what he's doing.The only nitpicking I have for is that Jordan's costume & hair in the concept drawings is that he looks more like Rayner/ION then Jordan.

And for Jonah Hex I am extremely happy to see it brought to life cause 1 I'm a big Hex fan & 2 I haven't seen a good western movie in a long time.The only one I can think of recent is 3:10 to Yuma,so I have high hopes for this film.I think Brolin will do a great job as Hex,especially seeing him in No Country for Old Men.Sucks that Eastwood isn't a young man cause clearly you can tell that's who Jonah resembles unless of course they did a really old version of Jonah like in the Batman series.

That Watchmen trailer was great I like how it looks like Snyder is paying a little homage to Dr.Strangelove in the War Room scenes with Nixon.Also,them showing the Top Knots gang & Blake on the Grassy Knoll.Fox needs to go fuck themseleves big time.

Also I read that Snyder's dream film to make would be to make The Dark Knight Returns.Now he knows that's probably not gonna happen,but I have to say anything is possible.



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