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HULK Military Tour

Director Ang Lee and Marvel's Avi Arad tour Air Force base for HULK film.

By Frank Kurtz     July 10, 2001
Source: Los Angeles Times

The first issue of THE INCREDIBLE HULK
© 2001 Marvel Comics

Research and development is ongoing with the long in the works HULK feature film. Now, word of where the film's director, Ang Lee, and Marvel big shot, Avi Arad, have been recently in regards to the film has turned up.

According to the LA Times, Arad and Lee recently toured an advanced weaponry lab in New Mexico to view the Air Force's latest weapons technology. Arad revealed, "They'd love for us to make use of it in our movie. It would be great publicity for them, to show how much progress they've made with cutting-edge technology, and it would be a way for our film to take science-fiction and make it a reality."


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