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HULK remake casting news and film's name

By Karl Schneider     July 03, 2006

Cover art to INCREDIBLE HULK #34
© 2001 Marvel Comics
Loyal scooper Lizard wrote in with an update on the remake of HULK.

He said, "Well, here's what I found out : Universal isn't really doing it. It's going to be done through Marvel (independently, or close too) and it's called "Incredible Hulk". Bana is definitely not doing it - his contract was with Universal, and so on - so they're going to get a new Hulk. They're not going to be auditioning, but merely 'going out' to names. Should've guessed. Apparently the following guys could be either in consideration or in talks for the role : Dominic Purcell, Brendan Fraser, Adam Garcia. Typical bunch of names, if you ask me."

I would have to agree regarding the names, they all bore me personally.

Thanks to Lizard for the scoop.


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manjisan 7/3/2006 6:29:57 AM
YAWWWNNNNNNNN! Cmon already!!! First they don't get any of the original actors, and Brendan Fraser!???!!!!? Dammit!!
ekenobi41404 7/3/2006 6:47:55 AM
What was wrong with the first Hulk? I guess Marvel wants to do it thier way? Then why did they Let Woo do it in the fist place? Not happy that a remake is being done so close to the original. Seems like a stupid idea to me.
kronus316 7/3/2006 8:04:11 AM
I would go with David Duchovny as banner, and come up with a villian that we actually get to see the Hulk fight. I agree that the first movie is better than people say.
valkor 7/3/2006 8:34:13 AM
I agree with most, the first movie was actually pretty good (save for the hulk poodle). Other than that I don't see a reason for a remake. Just make the sequel, the origin story is out the way, now they can simply focus on the action.
raybrn 7/3/2006 8:59:09 AM
I think this is great news. I hated the first movie and think it was much worse that people say. With Marvel in charge, maybe we'll see a Hulk movie with a Peter David script! How cool would that be? And I really like the Duchovny casting idea.
kyllswich 7/3/2006 9:24:03 AM
in no way, shape, or form was lee's HULK a good movie...every aspect of it suck on toast...IF they do make another one, why so close on the heels of a stinkpot??...and brendan fraser as HULK??...he is already GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, isn't he??...
almostunbiased 7/3/2006 10:09:28 AM
First movie was alright. Not great, not bad. I liked Bana. Fraser is a horrible idea, and I like him, but not for this. As for this idea. I'll go.
fft5305 7/3/2006 10:16:51 AM
From what I've read that Avi Arad said, I don't think he's talking about a remake, but almost a do-over. Basically, doing a sequel that fixes everything that they felt was wrong with the first movie. Especially, the giant Hulk. They want to make him a little more reasonable size. Possibly the gray Hulk in the sequel or a setup for the gray in a 3rd movie. Personally, I think the first movie was pretty damn good. I was a little disappointed when I saw it in the theater, but it held up well under repeated viewing at home. I don't think they should do a sequel, though, if they can't get the original cast back.
lracors 7/3/2006 10:29:37 AM
O.K. First, I was severly disappointed in Hulk. I don't mind Marvel fixing this character. 2nd, I like the casting idea of David Duchovny. Let me throw out that I think Steve Buscemi would make an even better Banner. For a villain, I would like to see the government conspiracy doggedly hunting down Banner in the "Return of the Monster" and "Boiling Point" storylines.
lracors 7/3/2006 11:07:41 AM
Unless... you did the Ultimate Hulk version, then Buscemi would be perfect. But for the standard Hulk version, Duchovny would rock!
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